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Former Basehor-Linwood teacher-coach pleads guilty to sexual relationship with student

Uhhh..have you been on Jerry Springer yet, Stretch_Marx?

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Tom Holland makes it official, announces candidacy for Kansas governor

@coldandhot - what's a "Pelosi liberal'?? How is it different from a 'Al Franken liberal'?( So does Holland dress in drag to try to look like Nancy Pelosi as he reads from 'The Quotes of Mao Zedong'? )

You just heard the term on FOX or DittoRadio and repeat it without giving it any thought and couldn't define one characteristic that differs a Pelosi lib from any other left - of - Pat Robertson person.

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Tom Holland makes it official, announces candidacy for Kansas governor

Good luck Mr. Holland and hope that you can save Cedar Crest from being occupied by a freakazoid Xtian nutjob... now someone viable needs to step up and prevent one of the two Family members -Moran, Thiart - from taking Cardinal Brownie's Senate seat.

Be Against *The Family* all ye Kansans!

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State Sen. Tom Holland, who represents part of Lawrence, to announce candidacy for governor

Yes, please at least try to beat this lunatic and someone credible run against Moran/Thiart to prevent *The Family* from taking over the entire state.

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Local Jewish community making effort to educate after Thursday incident on airplane

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Statehouse Live: Death penalty repeal hearing starts

>>>The #1 reason why we had capital punishment in the first place is because we didn't have money to build prisons on the frontier, but we still needed a justice system. That time is long past.

. Explain why the civilized East Coast city slickers had prisons and the death penalty on the books during them thar wild west days, and why did the settled frontier build prisons and keep the DP? Europe, long filled up and with prisons, had the death penalty in nearly every country until the mid 20th century, and many there want to bring it back, except for their governments and hand-wringing lawyers.

You need to be a bit more creative with your dreamed up historical *reasons* con the ultimate penalty.

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Statehouse Live: Death penalty repeal hearing starts

Feature, Speicher, that lengthy and costly appeals of the death penalty are only there because of anti-capital punishment shyster lawyers in the first place because that was their whole plan to make it outrageously costly to 'add an arguement', con. These people would be against it even if it was 100% cost effective, fair, and class blind.

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Statehouse Live: Death penalty repeal hearing starts

Actually, capital crimes do go down in states where the death penalty is ENFORCED. KS doesn't enforce the current death penalty law , so this is another *soft issue*, waste of time and public funds and all of that. Next, our philosopher kings and queens in Topuke-a will be conducting hearings on bubble gum on sidewalk laws, bestiality, and what not.

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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

It's usually the party out-of-power that digs up State's Rights tripe( yep you too Democruds ..remember when Cheney was in charge and so many of you wanted Democratic Governors to refuse federal requests to deploy state Nat'l Guard units to Iraq,though the request was perfectly legal??.) Republikans love the Big Federal government quite fine when one of their own sits in the White House and/or the GOP has the Senate's reigns.

Obama a "radical".LTFOL! He's the best Wall Street Democrat since the last one, Billy Bob Clinton. He may be a culturalbolshevik, but a stooge of the globalist network nevertheless. The difference between these two parties is apples and oranges: Democruds are cultural bolsheviks, Republikans are kristian-korporation bolsheviks.

And at the end of all pep rallies, they all drink and boink the same groupies with one another.

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Snow-removal citations

Gee, I thought that it was a big no-no to run on concrete anyway(in reference to the jogging nark). At least the snow on the sidewalk gives their knees some cushion and it is a bigger leg muscle workout. What a moron!

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