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Pastor from Leavenworth church sentenced for lying about arson

Typical Christer on the make..kind of like certain personalities in our beloved USD 497...

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Reports say Moore's wife to run for Congress

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Brett Ballard officially named new basketball coach at Baker

Ol Boy Network at it again....

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County Commission to consider waiving requirement for church to build turn lanes on Highway 40, west of Lawrence

Okay, then pay property taxes you big rich red brick church and render unto Caesar....

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Derby woman will challenge Brownback in GOP gubernatorial primary

Agree with Bozo..this is a GOP plant to make Brownback look sane. @monheim - you should know by now that moderate Republicans are an extinct species in KS - especially in western Kansas. Now Repubs compete with one another to show who has the crucifix and jackboots that shine the most....

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Green day: Parade brings out the Irish in St. Patrick’s revelers

Go figure that two-thirds of said parade's participants and spectactors couldn't find Ireland on a map the size of a barn - sober.

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Democratic State Senator from Kansas City says he's considering bid for U.S. Senate

This candidate is a tax/spend Pelosi Trotsykite liberal born in Albania and he seeks to turn Kansas and the the entire country into a Pol Pot style regime, take your guns and Bibles away and send your kids to concentration camps for praying in school and he used to moonlight as a back alley third trimester abortionist and sold meth to pre-schoolers and personally constructed those Black Helicopters....

Okay, does that about cover it you Ditto- TeaParty nutters and fellow travelers???

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Tom Holland makes it official, announces candidacy for Kansas governor

Brownback assumes he will have an easy ride into Topeka and being a Republican Governor increases the odds of him scoring the national GOP Nomination in '12(GOP Senators historically do not do well in Presidential elections), and Kansas is just a mere stepping stone for this ..uh.. you-know-what.

Kansas: Just Say No To *The Family*

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Some trolls you meet on the internet

ANYONE who posts is considered a troll by some, who are naturally trolls themselves. And the ones to wonder about are those who whine about trolls.

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Some trolls you meet on the internet

Always thought that Model Ts and the abortion debate go hand in hand myself.....

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