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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

The city regularly finances public improvements such as roads, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, sidewalks as part of residential developments. These public improvements are financed at a certain bond rate, available to the city and is usually less than what the developer could get from private bank financing. The repayment of this loan is attached to the property tax bill of the residents that primarily, though sometimes not exclusively, benefit from the public improvement. It seems reasonable for the tax payers of Lawrence to consider the renovation needs of the Lawrence Community Shelter to fall into the category of a public improvement that benefits many residents. It seems the interest rate should be somewhere in the same range as what is offerred to developers building homes the likes of which have seen recent declines in value due in part to the developers' failures to accurately meet the housing needs of the community.

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Affordable Care Act nears major milestone; Brownback still opposed

I know of families living up to 133% of the federal poverty level. These families have children who are eligible under the current system for Medicaid coverage and are receiving therapy for traumatic events. Some of these parents acknowledge that they need help. We know that they too have histories of trauma that impair their functioning not only in the workplace but in being the best parents they can to their young children. It seems that the current Governor of Kansas and the current KS Legislature is poised to refuse to expand Medicaid coverage for these parents while claiming to strengthen families and address gaps in the mental health system. This leaves may of us trying to do good work well very confused.

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Editorial: Key interchange

17 Million!!! Lets put this in perspective. How many hard working, low income families could receive financial assistant for child care or after school enhanced learning opportunities?

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Lawrence ranked sixth best metro area for work-life balance, according to new report

I wonder if you asked working parents of young children if they can find child care or if what they find is affordable. I baffled that this article says nothing about what systems make up a healthy work / life balance. This article in the Atlantic nails it in my opinion.

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Consultants raise concerns about proposed LMH wellness center at city's new recreation center

If "wellness" has anything at all to do with lowering the cost of healthcare, then I would think a primary target population for LMH would be persons living in poverty who suffer the greatest adverse health impacts and could most use better access to a wide range of preventive wellness services. Locating clear out to hell and back would not seem to be a very good business strategy, if one plans to truly reach this target.

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U.S. Supreme Court strikes down voter registration law similar to the one in Kansas

Does the United States Constitution prohibit non citizens from voting in local or state elections?

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Deciding issue?

Carl Rove launched gay marriage as an issue for the Republican Party and that party has continued to use it as a way to excite and shore up its right wing christian base for quite some time now. The majority of Americans in recent years have developed a more sympathetic orientation and are willing to stand up for the extensions of rights and privileges of marriage to our fellow citizens. I wonder what role, if any, these recent changes play in the LJW Editorial Board's opinion of this issues importance. Perhaps the reasons for the Editorial Board's tacit past acceptance of the Rove strategy on this controversial issue to distract attention from far more serious matters "is unknown".

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Lawrence school district administrator heading to Nebraska

Lawrence will miss Kim very much. Her leadership has inspired me and I'm sure many others.

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Halt to standards-based grades sought for Lawrence middle schools

woops. Thanks for the correction.

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