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Volunteers of all ages spruce up Lawrence


The baby is no more capable of being introduced to helping people out than being exposed to dangerous paint fumes in the open air.

You're on quite the self-righteous soap box. Do you think people actually respond positively to statements like the ones you've made here?

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A breath of scandal: Renowned scholar to lecture in Lawrence

People make the Bible say whatever they want it to say. There's no "objective" way to read or interpret the Bible.

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Student dies in his sleep

Maybe rather than lighting a candle and saying words to nothingness, people could offer kind words directly to his family and donate some capital to the many organizations working to combat these illnesses. You know, something that actually makes a tangible difference...

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Vatican decries reaction to Pope's condom remarks

Does anyone else find it odd that it took so long for the Vatican to respond to weeks old criticism from government and scientific groups from around the world?

A lot of people might not realize this, but for France to come out and criticize the Pope, it's a huge deal. The Catholic Church is rapidly losing influence and being repudiated; a natural consequence of losing their monopoly on education and ability to punish people for disagreement.

No one should be surprised that the last bastion of Medieval authoritarianism is vanishing from the world.

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Worth a look

Got to love the generalizations. Does it make people feel better about their own irresponsible behavior to claim that ALL people did the same thing?

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Police execute search warrant at apartment of a KU student body president candidate

I hope every person here attacking Tutu has to go through getting their possessions seized by police due to a two month old unsubstantiated rumor.

The fear in this country is sickening.

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Worth a look

Davidsmom, do you really think that fewer kids are smoking today because society looks at it less favorably? I work in a KU residence hall, and plenty of those kids smoke. In fact, the number seems to have increased somewhat since I was in college. You can't go anywhere on KU's campus without seeing quite a few people smoke. And I'm sure there are many, many places in the U.S. where people continue to smoke quite a bit.

People under 25 have higher insurance rates because they are less experienced, not because they make stupid decisions. Surely it doesn't take much driving to know that stupidity behind the wheel knows no age or gender. I see plenty of older adults making stupid driving decisions.

As for the Editorial, it's not the University's job to play babysitter to legal adults. If they're too stupid to be responsible for themselves, then bad stuff happens. This is an opportunity for encouraging personal responsibility to avoid such extremely rare occurrences (is one alcohol related death at KU in how many years warrant this much attention?), not looking to place blame on a public institution. If I knew my underage child drank, as Wren's father did from his own comments about Jason Wren drinking in high school, I would not have sent him to a fraternity.

Nature can only allow so much stupidity before the gene pool gets trimmed.

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Alcohol attitudes

"But those who don't admit there is a problem with young people and alcohol on college campuses today are just burying their heads in the sand or trying to justify their own problem drinking, in my opinion."


Well, I was a young kid on a college campus. In fact, I turn 24 tomorrow, having graduated from KU last year. The problem, as I see it, is that too many of these young adults were never given the proper parental instruction before being turned loose in Lawrence. I see it all the time where I work. Kids whose parents let them do whatever they wanted in high school or who weren't observant enough to recognize their children's serious personal shortcomings and address them properly. Some of them are probably inherited from the parents themselves; which amount to a near total lack of respect for authority, rules, or kind behavior towards others.

The solution isn't to have the university take on the role of a secret police organization, but a recognition that sometimes people make bad choices in their lives, which can have devastating and unfortunate consequences.

Jason's death was a tragedy. But it was an isolated and extremely rare tragedy.

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Teen kills 15 in Germany before taking own life

It's not that it took two posts; it's that STRS's answer to everything is a hand-gun.

There's going to be a lot of blame and wild speculation. People are going to blame guns, the media, violence in video games/movies/whatever, anything just to feel like it's someone else's fault.

The only person to blame here is the kid who attacked the school. It was an isolated incident. Sometimes you just can't read people's intentions or somehow magically know their psyches. It doesn't matter if he was bullied or not. That's not a reason or an excuse for anything and shouldn't be used as a stepping stone towards some half-baked plan to weed out bullying in schools.

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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

Up to a point… But you're a fool if you think all that advertising to kids who grow up watching Joe Football and Joe Basketball does not have an influence. Then when they go to dad's refrigerator they see beer staring out at them.

Look at your own buying habits. I'm sure many of the things you purchase are related to your self image - an image catered too by Madison Avenue. You just aren't hip unless you drink…

God, people truly are delusional.


I'm sure it has an influence, but so what? It still doesn't remove the ability to rationally make a choice. And frankly, if people are too stupid to resist a few advertisements, then their removal from the gene pool does us all a favor.

My buying habits? Well, I mainly buy food and pay bills with my money. Damn that Madison avenue for teaching me fiscal responsibility and how to keep myself alive by consuming nutrients!

You sound like a government anti-drug commercial; so far removed from the society you criticize.

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