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Faith-based help

"It seems that whenever someone has a weak argument, they have to quote someone famous (Thomas Jefferson) to give legitimacy to their views."

Which is precisely what the Christian revisionists have been doing for decades (if not more) and is exactly what Hobby Lobby did and we are right to criticize them for it.

Secular people are probably some of the most generous and kind people I've ever known. As someone who led the KU group SOMA for three years, I can tell you straight up that when we tried to join major charity works, such as manning a soup kitchen or habitat for humanity, we were either turned away or no one ever got back to us. The general feeling I got was that secular people simply weren't wanted as volunteers, so in essence, your criticism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In fact, I just recently had a friend get booted out of the boy scouts after many years of service because he was an atheist, despite the many volunteer hours and hard work he put into that organization.

Secular groups simply don't have the resources or infrastructure to do massive charity work on our own. Given that we are no more than about 20% of the population, it hardly seems fair to demand that we equal or better the other 80%. However, I do know many secular people who DID volunteer and help with the New Orleans efforts, but most of them had to lie about their religious affiliation to attend those trips due to religious groups vetting people and effectively creating areas of control. The impression I got from many volunteers for New Orleans was that the sheer number of disorganized and unprofessional volunteers actually made the situation slightly worse at times.

However when secular people make up 70% to 80% of the population, when we control all three branches of government as Christians do today, when secular organizations are firing religious folks for their personal beliefs (or lack thereof), we can then have a frank discussion about who's belief system contributes more to the greater well being of society.

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A summer unplugged: It’s time for camp — where computers, phones, video games are off-limits

poor babies, 2 whole weeks to have to get a real life and actually interact with real live people face to face. How horrible.

How exactly does using a cell phone, computer, and internet constitute a lack of a real life? Define "real life" please. Because as near as I can tell, the industries, companies, and people involved in all those things are responsible for huge economic, social, and political leaps and bounds. It's hard to communicate with someone face to face when that someone lives in Russia, China, Australia, or even a few states over. And none of that constitutes a real life? Please, spare me. That whole "real life" crap is just the whining excuse of the technological illiterate afraid of change and just as dependent on technology as the rest of us.

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Lawrence man sentenced to more than seven years in drug case

Let this be a lesson for all you pro-drug advocates out there. Drugs are illegal. Everyone knows that.

Glad you could be here to inform everyone of something that everyone knows.

Even gladder that people like you clearly believe that you've the right to tell the rest of us what we can and cannot do with our own bodies in the privacy of our own homes.

I've never taken drugs in my life nor plan to ever do so. But anyone who thinks locking a drug offender up for seven years for a non-violent crime will benefit anyone is living in a fantasy world.

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Lawrence youth pastor loses battle with bone cancer

"You may want to consider this because YOUR worst nightmare will be where you may be spending eternity."


Way to denigrate the memory of someone who died so young and tragically by reinforcing the stereotype of the self-righteous Christian.

I'm sure that's exactly what Brandon would have wanted.

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City takes a pass on homeless campsite

Can Lawrence's many, MANY churches not act as homeless shelters?

Seems to me like there's plenty of space. All that's missing is the private Christian charity to back it up.

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Lawrence youth pastor loses battle with bone cancer

"I hope that no one reads your comment and thinks that all atheists are so soulless and mean spirited."

First of all, most religious people already do.

Second, you're assuming he's an atheist. He complained about "objective reporting". Not classy, but not a declaration. I also don't see the phrase he's quoting in the article. Was it removed? If so, maybe someone agreed.

The article says that the family is struggling with their medical bills. Well, I hope everyone here offering prayers and condolences is also pulling out their wallets and making a sizable donation to his family. Words are easy and largely meaningless without action to back them up.

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Should Kansas University notify the parents of an underaged student who is caught using drugs or violating alcohol policies?

This is just a knee-jerk reaction and won't fix anything. Anyone who has spent a few days in college knows this will just be a big joke.

Are the parents of 18-20 year olds going to have their parents informed if the parents AREN'T paying the bills?

This is a terrible policy and an infringement on the basic privacy rights of adults. KU has a law school. I give this policy a few weeks before someone files a law suit and ends this policy.

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Some travelers do not fear swine flu

I'm glad to not be someone who watches the news on television. I can't imagine the kind of exploitative crap the media has turned a simple flu bug into.

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Johnson County resident believed to have swine flu

35,000 people in the U.S. die from the flu every year. Why is the world in such a panic over this?

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Training days: Parents try new methods to teach their kids to ride bikes

Good method for training balance with minimal risk.

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