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Volunteer opportunities: Feb. 8

Please note: The Audio-Reader need is for readers in Kansas City. Thanks!

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Volunteer opportunities for Feb. 2

For those interested in the Audio-Reader volunteer opportunity, please note Alphapointe, 7501 Prospect, is in KANSAS CITY, MO. Thanks!

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Lawrence schools at a tipping point

"But Superintendent Rick Doll says that will only get you so far, unless you want to draw boundaries that require small children to have to walk across 23rd Street or Iowa Street during rush hour."

With all due respect, Mr. Doll, you might want to take a closer look at your current school boundaries. As currently drawn, elementary students from the Prairie Meadows neighborhood have to cross not only 23rd and Iowa, but Clinton Parkway in order to get to their designated "neighborhood" school. Then there's the commercial district they have to navigate as they make their way down 23rd Street past the likes of Hastings, Jimmy John's and T-Mobile. Thankfully most of us are smart enough to drive our children, and our PTA has been resourceful enough to contract with the bus company to provide a bus for those who have the money to pay. My children don't GET to walk to school-- it's just plain dangerous.

Next time you want to make an argument for or against something, you'd best do your homework.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

The bigger issue here is that USD 497 gives building principals way too much autonomy. Each school has different rules, regulations and procedures. Those differences not only affect how attendance is counted, but how special education services are dispersed, how children are taught (homework versus no homework, multiple-choice speling tests versus traditional spelling tests, etc.), and how parents receive information about their students' expected and actual progress. There is no consistency.

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Student test scores going up in Kansas

Why no markings for Schwegler? Are they hiding something? Could it be because it is the ONLY elementary school in the district that I've found that gives multiple choice spelling tests? Where else are they failing our kids?

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Financial pride

mom_of_three-- don't be so snarky. I have more respect for a family who makes changes to get out of debt and get back on track than I do for someone who has their nose that high in the air over having never gotten into debt in the first place. I admire you for living below your means-- we all should and many of us are working on it. But instead of cutting us down, you ought to be cheering us on.

To the Rea's-- I'm in your cheering section. Don't listen to people like mom_of_three. Keep up the intensity!

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Runners to flood Mass. Street in April for Kansas Marathon

"I applaud every penny that reaches the coffers of Health Care Access from this event.."I doubt there will be much money left to actually give to the clinic by the time they pay an outside agency to organize and execute the race rather than relying on volunteers. But maybe that doesn't matter, seeing as HCA makes no mention about their gratefulness for funding for the clinic-- they're looking forward to the economic development it could mean for the city.

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Annual half-marathon falls victim to economy

Bassetlover--Don't start crying over Health Care Access yet-- they decided they didn't want to do the work to benefit from the event and pulled out. 19 other organizations were willing to do that work, but as the article said, the sponsorships just aren't there. And for all of you who think it's just about the t-shirt, I'm sure many runners would forgo a t-shirt for the sake of their overstuffed t-shirt drawer-- I know I would. But look at the back of those race t's and notice how many business names are on there. They give to an event, they get their name out there-- that's how it works. Who can dispute that? Nobody does anything for nothing-- not even the most good-hearted volunteer-- and no one benefits from a service without giving something up. That's life.

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