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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

It's a shame that our elected officials cannot solve any problems and make things better. I find the insurance exchanges to be unusual because insurance involves paying higher premiums when you bring more risk. Since premiums and risk are not associated in this program it will be interesting to see what happens.

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Editorial: Dangerous fork

We have a president who is in way over his head. The only reason he was elected in 2008 is the lack of competition for McCain (video poker player in the Senate) and Palin (totally incompetent). Obama has no face that can be saved so there is no reason to waste money we do not have for an effort with no objective. Our record vs. the weakest opponents speaks for itself. Congress need to tell him no so he can pout in the corner.

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Tenants to Homeowners files plans for independent, senior living project in south Lawrence

This plan will work for retirees on a tight budget who already live in Lawrence. I think you should try to attract KU grads who have had successful careers and would like to return to Lawrence. There are no upscale empty nester properties in Lawrence.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Obama’s decision on war important and complex

I agree. It is non of our business and we have enough problems in the USA.

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Roberts says war with Syria likely

Just send a contract killer to Syria to take out Assad. Much better value than wasting our military dollars and effort.

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Jenkins opposes action in Syria

This conflict is a waste of time. If you intervene and change who is in power the result will be the same. Save our money and stay out of it. It has bee a long time since we have won a war and some of them are still in process.

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Ex-KU coach Mark Mangino building happy, healthy life at alma mater

Glad to hear Mark is doing well. The weight loss is very encouraging. It sounds like he is reinventing himself and I hope he will be able to become a successful head coach again.

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Bicyclist killed in accident on South Lawrence Trafficway identified as 29-year-old Lawrence woman

I'm sorry to learn of this tragic event. Biking on the SLT seems dangerous compared to riding on the bike path that will give you a pretty long ride from South Iowa up to 6th street.

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Local leaders dissect the Lawrence economy's challenges and opportunities

I enjoyed living in Lawrence for 12 years. When I retired I was fortunate to move to a more exciting place with a great economy. Lawrence is good if you like easy living and very little change until you open you real estate tax bill.

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Editorial: KU resolve


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