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Missing Free State student returns home unharmed

Praying for her safe return, and for her family too.

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Opinion: There's no worse place than the road for KU football

Wow, such great attitudes, people.

KU should NOT drop football, an idea considered by K-State prior to hiring Bill Snyder in 1989. KU is no where near as abysmal as that program was, it simply needs a chance to start over from the lousy decision by former AD Lew Perkins to fire Mark Mangino and hire the multimillionaire failure that is Turner Gill. After spending the money to improve facilities, that move pretty much set them back 3-4 years. The program is rebuilding and I can already see some improvement over last season, when it just looked completely incompetent. We need to give it a little more time.

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100 years of women voting

I love the irony. Now there's plenty of people who would rather women didn't have the vote.

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Heard on the Hill: Black Student Union still crowns homecoming royalty; regents creating faculty award; Dole Institute opens exhibit on McGovern

He represented all politics without hate. Hate is not confined to just one party anymore, and neither is ignorance.

McGovern worked with Richard Nixon on measures to help end hunger. Nixon wrote a lovely op/ed piece in tribute to McGovern. Now there's something we'll probably never see again--the two major parties working together on a common goal to accomplish something besides trying to get the other side out of office.

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Brownback urges Kansans to report school inefficiencies

My kids want to take their lunches now because they don't like the food being served or, there isn't enough of it. They're active, well within their ideal body weight, and tear through fresh fruits and vegetables as though they were candy. I hate that we are cramming these extremes down their throats because other people can't keep their kids' diets in check.

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Team, not times, matter for FSHS runner Sarah Schaffer

I absolutely loved reading this. Congratulations Sarah on your accomplishments and to your teammates for theirs and for backing you all the way. WELL DONE!

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Questions, no answers, for Kansas at QB

Well, Cummings is definitely worth consideration after his debut on Saturday. I hope he gets a chance against OU.

The Jayhawks looked better last week, and the defense gave one hell of an effort. Keep it coming, guys, it's getting better! Rock Chalk!!

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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

All of Daisy Hill was archaic and outdated when I was in the mid-90s. My mother remarked when she and my dad brought me to campus was that the inside of Lewis hall looked exactly like it did when she was there in 1968.

The year after I graduated the renovations began. LOL

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Legislators, county officials unhappy with Brownback's veto of environmental grants program

Vote Koch, watch Kansas become a wasteland of fail, short-sightedness, and lost opportunity. backward as you think!

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Statehouse Live: Governor's task force on school efficiency starts work; chair promises to keep politics out

And let's not forget what happens when you put bean counters with no first-hand experience or knowledge in whatever it is they are in charge of budgeting. Having seen what happens many times when this is the case, I can tell you it is a first rate disaster later on. This will cost us dearly down the road.

Kansas = on the way to beating out Mississippi as the worst state in the union

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