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New gastropub serves farmhouse fare with panache, plenty of beer

Actually the food prices look about on par with what I see elsewhere these days. Beer prices may seem high and mixed drinks probably are too, but you don't have to have a beer (blaspheme!!).

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Brownback says Romney focused too much on the economy in failed White House bid

"Visiting Arkansas today, Gov. Sam Brownback said that unsuccessful Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney focused too narrowly on the economy and that the GOP must stick to its opposition to gay marriage and abortion."

And I would rather have Romney as our state governor than Brownbackward any day of the week.

"From the land of Kansas, the new Mississippi"

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Brownback announces new press secretary: Lawrence resident Eileen Hawley

Interesting that Brownback would pick someone who lived in a "dark spiritual area".

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Father of slain toddler grieves in Missouri jail

God be with him, this is such a heartbreaking story. The power of drug addiction is so tragic. I hope he is able to turn things around for the better.

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Suspect in Ottawa killings charged with four counts of first-degree murder; could face death penalty

The so-called pro-lifer is nothing more than a lying hypocrite if that person is also in favor of the death penalty. Flack should spend life in prison in the state that claims all life is beautiful and precious and shouldn't be terminated.

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This and that about Petco, AT&T Wireless store and Ross Dress for Less along South Iowa Street

I wonder what the deal is with Ross.

I work in Lenexa, and there is now a Ross sign showing on the shopping center at 119th & Strang Line that contains Dick's Sporting Goods, Old Navy, and famous Footwear. There used to be a Borders there, so I am wondering if that's where Ross is going. I think it's relevant because it's obvious the Ross chain is coming to the area, but it's odd that it has taken so long for the one in Lawrence to open.

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St. John School undergoing $2.18 million expansion

I think it was eliminated in the mid-80s due to declining enrollment in the upper grades. I could be wrong though.

When USD 497 decided to change to a middle school format, the St. John school administration surveyed the parents and asked if they would prefer Pre-K thru 5 or Pre-K thru 8, and the overwhelming majority chose the latter. So, the building campaign begun!

Many thanks to all who made it possible!

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2013 Preview: Conservative charge looming in next session of Kansas Legislature

The rapid descent to being in line with Mississippi at the bottom of the pile shall continue. backward as you think.

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Just out of reach: KU comes up short in 41-34 double-OT loss to Texas Tech

Getting better all the time. Love you, Jayhawks! Keep fighting! ROCK CHALK!

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100 years of women voting

Well, if she wants to go ahead and give up her freedom, I say let her. There's several countries in the middle east that would oblige her.

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