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Did President Obama do enough to earn the Nobel Peace Prize he won?

Maybe there was some Northern European guilt circulating for Obama's hometown not getting the 2016 Olympics????

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Political lie detector needed

tbaker - Thank you for your service and the rebuttal to Bush "lies".....

I myself have always wondered how so many can deny the fact Iraq used WMDs during their Gulf War with Iran? Where did they all go? Poof! Did they just disappear? I think not.

Not to mention the fact Iraq also used scuds effectively enough to kill Americans in Khobar 300+ miles away just a few short years later... Every time they launched there were literally hundreds of thousands of people either masking up or wishing they had a protective mask...maybe that was a lie too.

Lastly, if your #1 intel guy (head of the CIA) briefs the President and says it is a "slam dunk they have WMDs", should the President not believe him?

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Jordan shows true colors in speech

Totally disagree with you Solomon...watched the whole speech.

He had my respect the first sentence when the first person he mentioned as helping with his career was Scottie Pippen.

Fowlers article above states exactly why people like you do not understand the man.

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Jordan's comments have sharp tone

Solomon. Did you even watch the speech? Self-centered jerk???? Are you kidding me? Obviously you are a disgruntled Detroit, L.A. or Utah fan.

Michael Jordan has always been a team player.

The first person Jordan recognized by name in practically the first words of his speech was his longtime teammate Scottie Pippen.

Hardly self-centered...

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Volunteers step up to lend a hand on Day of Action

I can relate Godot.....I always liked the "random acts of kindness theory" as a way to being a good human being myself...

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Kansas safety Harris gets swagger back

#16 was everywhere......good game....kudos to you sir...and kudos again!

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Game balls and Gassers

Got to give a "gasser" to No. 81 Jonathon Wilson....I saw at least three drops that were thrown right to the bread basket!!!!

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LHS runners take title at Manhattan meet

way to go lions....beat smnw again this year!

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State champs

Way to go TEAM! Having witnessed most of you swim countless hours over the years, watching you all perform selflessly as a team was very rewarding.


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Haskell president under fire again

Sounds to me like Warner is brushing away flies who have worked to provide $90,000 worth of free dollars for Haskell students' benefit.I wonder how much education $90,000 provides?So lets just say Warner succumbs to the flies' annoying demands and goes to a few meetings and supports the Endowment. Wouldn't her attendance would benefit her professionally and more importantly benefit the students of Haskell? The alumni are the ideal avenue for helping to produce a quality education at Haskell via the Endowment.

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