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KU still can win four, but only if …

i guess you had to write SOMETHING "positive" after this pathetic game... why didn't you just write the truth, which is to call off the east side stadium expansion because the KU "faithful" WILL NOT come back after such a disappointment.

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New beginnings: Lawrence High football ready to move past 1-8 season

A sophomore as a starting QB for LHS! My how times have changed.

In 2000, a full three years after the addition of Free State, I remember seeing Brian Seymour starting as a soph. for LHS. I commented to my wife, "Brian must really be playing well to start as a soph. or the football team may be hurting." It turned out LHS was just fine, as they won district titles in 2000, 2001, and 2002, and Brian deserved to start as a sophomore.

Good luck Bradley...hope your season is a GREAT one!

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Jayhawks to move Quigley to running back again in 2010

Smart move to keep Quigley. Good things are going to happen because he runs hard. I saw Quigley knock out Texas' Safety Gideon, who is supposedly their hardest hitter on "D". What a hit. KU could've used him last year when Opurum had to be the featured back.

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Why Did This Winter Start So Cold ?

Very interesting!

I am always in awe of the scale of the physical forces shaping our daily lives.

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Changing their stripes?

Totally agree with the "pummel them" hesshawk' comment.

KU by 20 tonight.

Rock Chalk!

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Taylor’s Facebook account deleted

agree with you georgiahawk....

I think Tyshawn is overall doing a great job. Big funk last three games, but he was super hot the previous seven. All players go through stretches. He'll bounce back!

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KU's Xavier Henry excelling on defense

What a bunch of BS rumors. There is nothing wrong with Tyshawn and he isn't going to transfer.

5 assists and ZERO turnovers is a good game. Maybe Brady was a better match-up defensively. Doesn't mean Tyshawn is not working hard or has an ego problem.

The problem is Taylor had a string of 7 games with only 6 total turnovers and 34 total assists followed by the last three games where he had 9 turnovers and only 6 assists. The "slump" is why he came off the bench.

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Jet diverted over teen passenger’s prayer

I recommend getting up a little earlier and praying in the privacy of your home.

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Resident hopes to start rickshaw business in downtown Lawrence, pending city approval

Pedicabs are disliked in D.C. by taxi drivers. They disrupt & slow traffic instead of reducing it and are generally regarded as a hazard. No stats to note, just a recurring opinion of cab drivers I rode with while in the D.C. area for a couple months.

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The Recap: Kansas 57, Memphis 55

Excellent, Ashor. Enjoyed the article and also the game. Most previous years' Jayhawks would have lost (e.g., Nevada a few years ago). Both Morris's improvement is notable from last season. Look forward to all the guys getting better as the season progresses.

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