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Scot Topic: Jayhawk and NBA star Scot Pollard sounds off on everything from Twitter to Tiger

God bless free speech. And libertarians. I'd vote for Pollard just to stir the pot. Pot.

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My bike-it list

The Flint Hills Death Ride is still out there:
Haven't done it myself, but considering it.

October 2, 2009 at 1:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal ) ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

Hell's bells. I guess we can't infringe on copyrights. Who would've known?

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Kansas playing dodgeball

Tom is right. KU officials have a responsibility here to face the music by facing direct questions from the media. It's a reasonable expectation. KU has to treat this seriously - the alternative is the perception that they just don't care.

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Perkins calls meeting with KU football, basketball players; statement issued

Talk about stating the obvious. The rest of us understand we're all Jayhawks, and they're only now figuring this out?

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The one millionth comment countdown: So you want to know about prizes?

This is great. We're commenting on a story about commenting. And the winner may have to sacrifice anonymity to claim the prize. Ha.

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Family comes first

So I overreacted to the 228-pound announcement awhile back... extenuating circumstances. Keep shedding weight, and he'll be ready for another run.

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Henrys stick with KU

Coach Self just gained more respect in my eyes. He's handled this public situation with grace.

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Self confident Henrys will attend Kansas

To the Henry family:
Let's put this all behind us and move forward. If it's not already painfully obvious, you're now situated among the most rabid, well-educated basketball fans in the country, who as a collective whole believe that no one person or player stands above the program itself, and who will react aggressively when it appears that a person or player believes himself to be more important than the program. Where the Henry family has chosen to stand, with regard to the program, is hard to judge in this latest string of events.
We value teamwork, hard work, and honesty, and frown on anything else. Even if it's only for one year, we will eagerly accept C.J. and Xavier as a PART of the team. Even if they're NBA material a year from now, we will applaud them wildly for 12 months - and praise them with our comments - if they become a PART of the team.

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Self comments on Henry situation

Don't bring the KC Star into this. That article was very well done, and the writer called it like he saw it: a family with NBA priorities trying to navigate what's best for them, and them alone... and they'll never find that kind of navigation in a Range Rover or Hummer GPS unit.

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