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Area genealogist finds family histories are a booming business

Iona is a treasure.
She really knows her history, especially anything related to Lecompton and Big Springs. So glad she is being recognized for all she has done for Kansas history and those wanting to find out about the history of their family. She certainly deserves it!

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Heard on the Hill: Veterans memorials' facelift nearly complete; Dole Institute is home to World Trade Center beams; student newspaper features interview with another presidential relative at KU

The two steel structures at the Dole Institute from the World Trade Center tower(s) are/were actually columns rather than beams. [Note: Columns are vertical whereas beams are horizontal].

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Student faces 'long road' to overcoming mental illness

Keep up the good work, Caitie! I know you will succeed in obtaining your degree despite any obstacles. I think you are very brave young woman. Thank you for sharing your story with others. Hopefully it will inspire others who suffer with mental illness to realize that they can reach for their dreams too.

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Homeless families keep their children in school.

How much longer can we, in good conscious, allow homeless families to be crammed into a small building and sleeping on two-inch mats on the floor? This looks like something out of a third-world country!

There has to be a larger, healthier and safer space available somewhere in the community--A place where people can be temporarily housed, at least until the new shelter becomes reality. Let's challenge our city leaders and the community at large to find such a place.

With the current economic hard times we are sure to see more and more people entering homelessness and many of those will be children. With winter approaching we are sure to see more people with flu and other communicable diseases. In cramped conditions those will spread more quickly.

Let's not wait until we have a public health problem before we provide a larger, healthier place for our least fortunate--especially the children. As a community we need to do something now!

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Lawrence homeless shelter director Loring Henderson to receive award

Congratulations to Loring. This is a well-deserved award.

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The sacking of Lawrence and Quantrill's Raid

Silas Soule is shown here in the above image as the 2nd from the left. However, the image is reversed.

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What is the most important issue facing the new Lawrence City Commission?

No question. The number one priority for the new Lawrence City Commission should be to locate and provide a basic shelter for those in our community who are homeless--and soon. The current shelter is much too crowded. Until we no longer have people sleeping on 2-inch mats on the floor in a crowded building, or out in the extreme heat or cold where they can die of heat stroke or hypothermia, we should not even think about funding other projects.

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Shopping Equals Health Hazard?

I had the same experience on Sunday as I was pushing the cart at Walmart. The only way to avoid the "pain" was to keep my hands on the plastic of the handle. If I touched the metal while pushing the cart, I would get shocks. It was uncomfortable enough that we dedided to wait in line at Customer Service to report it to the employee there.

When we reported what happened she laughed and said that they already knew about the problem and that it is due to the changes in humidity. She said that it happens when it is cool inside and warm and humid outside. She did not apologize or seem to take our complaint seriously. Whatever it is, I believe something should be done to investigate further. I'm wondering if it could have something to do with the electricity coming from the overhead lights? I hope someone knowledgeable about electricity can figure it out very soon.

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