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Put down those disposables: Parents embrace old diaper ways

FYI, it's not a good idea to tuck the tee shirt tail into the plastic pants/coverup... it does keep the tee shirt from creeping up, but forgot about the wicking factor!

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Food bank starts growing its own produce

Start experimenting with hoop houses and low tunnels before deciding a greenhouse is needed.

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Letter: New saying

Just because something is not on a local, state, or national register of historic places does not mean it lacks historic value. It means the owner doesn't know or doesn't care about that value.

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Change in state law expected to produce fewer historic preservation reviews in Lawrence

Actually old buildings do make money for many of them through the Kansas Preservation Tax Credit program. That program would have been killed several years ago if it didn't financially benefit high-income Kansans, who "purchase" income tax credit at 85% of their value to offset their Kansas income tax, making a 15% profit along the way.

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Change in state law expected to produce fewer historic preservation reviews in Lawrence

The house you're referring to, The Varsity House, at 1043 Indiana Street was saved only because of the required environs review. Otherwise it would have been wiped clean in one day, and the new Varsity House Apartments would not have an iconic historic house on the corner to hang its marketing hat on.

And it's Lynne Zollner, Historic Resources Administrator, for the City of Lawrence.

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Change in state law expected to produce fewer historic preservation reviews in Lawrence

Absolutely correct George. Developers complain about environs review, but it has improved many projects and protected many historic properties from adverse neighboring development. Property rights cut both ways, and environs review is the only protection of an owner's rights to not have their historic property damaged by adjacent construction.

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KU picks architects for new School of Business building

KU architecture students are not licensed (or qualified) to design $60 mil institutional buildings.
KU architecture faculty's job is to teach students, not to design campus buildings.
Projects like this require professional architecture firms to lead them, and if they have KU grads on staff it's all the better.

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KU school celebrating 100 years of architecture education — and late nights of work

Yes oneeye, Harriet Tanner financed (and likely designed) a house for Prof Hoad in 1908, which eventually became the Varsity House and is now the corner stone of a brand new apartment complex of the same name. Ed Tanner worked summers for Constant Construction who built the house; it's likely he was on that job. Thanks to LPA and HRC the house was saved, even though much of the original material was lost in its "move".

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Ostertag OK with Withey breaking his KU blocks record

OSU's Bryant Reeves = Big Country
KU's Greg Ostertag = Big O
Mistatement = Big Diff
LJW not verifying = Little Journalism

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Opinion: A look at best recent NCAA Tournament coaches

Looks like KU has a good chance of catching UK & UNC this year..... Assuming NIT wins don't count! ;-))))

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