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Candidates differ on rental licensing program; discuss views on city management, commission changes

"Herbert says slow down?"

Yes. Slow down, until we can figure out how to pay for more projects without raising sales or property taxes, and until taxpayers' concerns about so many tax abatements are considered. Slow down on developing downtown until residents' concerns (about building height, for example) are considered. Rushing is what brought us Rock Chalk Park which is always going to be considered a questionable deal for the taxpayers.

Developers need to pay their fair share of taxes instead of automatically asking for, and automatically receiving, subsidies for every project. Leslie Soden is voicing real concerns of taxpayers.

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?


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Opinion: Informing the conversation

It's mass education. You cannot pass legislation on an individual level. There are dozens and dozens of ways students get lumped into groups for the purpose of educating them. There is no way to avoid it.

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Opinion: Informing the conversation

Again, what solution do your propose?

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?

We're talking about Will here, not "the media". Let's see if he's as passionate about scrutinizing all the current candidates as he is about rehashing old opinions about the Clintons.

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?

No. It's my opinion. One can't prove or disprove an opinion. I can't. You can't. And neither can Will prove or disprove his opinions. Because that's what they are. Opinions.

Short of Will admitting he does not believe everything he writes but is working for an agenda, you have to form your own opinion on that. I give Will credit for being intelligent enough to know what he's doing, but I think he does it badly (he is a terrible writer).

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?

Here you go. Your argument rings hollow since you can't find a single Republican running for President who not only supported those wars, but is warmongering for a new one.

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Kansas Senate panel to consider expanding liquor licenses

Yes. Law enforcement in the state of Kansas is about to add every single grocery store and convenience store to the number of sites they have to police against selling liquor to minors. Either (a) they will do half as good a job, or (b) the state will have to at least double the force, and as far as I know there isn't any spare taxpayer money in the state's empty coffers for (b).

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Letter: Computer concern

Exactly. A different world. You couldn't have been holed up with a computer, potentially accessing extremely violent, mind-numbing, addictive video games, or meeting predators on the internet, or using electronic communication as human interaction slash friendship. So your childhood doesn't apply to this letter. Neither does mine.

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?

How many Republicans in the House and Senate voted against the use or force in Afghanistan and Iraq?

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