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Saturday column: Brownback still has opportunity to move state forward

In other news, two Kansas school districts will close weeks early for the summer because they have run out of funds.

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Letter: Christian values

Scott gets an A+ for reading comprehension!

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Letter: Christian values

The author is discussing policy and the philosophy that guides the creation of policy.

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Letter: Christian values

Matthew 22:21 They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.

I've always thought of this as the first Christian advocation for the separation of church and state, coming right from the source.

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City Commission candidates debate downtown parking issues at forum

It would be a mistake to make parking downtown so expensive that it begins to discourage people from going downtown.

All new development should include the new parking necessary to support it, and the developer should provide it.

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Ex-Brownback aide lobbying against tobacco tax increase

If this is sponsored by Reynolds, that's too bad. Usually what's good for Reynolds is bad for humans. But, to quote my favorite line from the wonderful movie The Lunchbox: "Sometimes the wrong train will get you to the right station."

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Ex-Brownback aide lobbying against tobacco tax increase

The higher the tobacco excise tax, the more it benefits the state when more people smoke, and people smoke more. I am uncomfortable with that.

Just when the state is proposing increasing the liquor excise tax, there is new legislation that would increase liquor sales - by encouraging impulse purchases (displays in grocery stores), and by increasing sales of of liquor to minors (minors can more easily escape notice in grocery stores than in liquor stores, and law enforcement will see an increase of at least 100% in the number of retailers they must patrol, spreading enforcement pretty thin).

Call me cynical, but I won't be surprised when the state figures out a way to encourage more smoking (producing more tobacco excise taxes).

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Opinion: Do voters want more Clintonism?

That's funny. About Obama not getting scrutiny.

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Opinion: Informing the conversation

"Class sizes are much smaller today than they were several decades ago, when our students performed at higher levels."

I doubt that is true. Anyway it's apples, oranges to a large extent. At some point in history we started educating ALL children instead of just throwing away the ones who were born with disadvantages (social or medical). And that is not only the right thing to do, it is in our best self-interest to do it.

I believe there is not a child anywhere who could not succeed with enough individual attention. Unfortunately there is not enough money for schools to provide that attention for every child.

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Opinion: Informing the conversation

Your quote 100% supports the highest possible funding for public schools.

So you want to get rid of public education? So only rich people can educate their kids?

Whatever its shortcomings - and the "mass" thing and lumping students into groups is 100% based on funding levels - public education is here to stay. It's in your self-interest to support it. Those students? That's your work force in ten years.

Speaking of viewing students as individuals... More than one teacher has told me that class size makes more of a difference in outcomes than any other factor. A teacher with fewer students can address individual students' individual learning and needs more effectively. Class size is 100% dependent on funding. Class size is the first thing to increase when funding decreases.

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