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KU slips a few notches in U.S. News & World Report ranking of best colleges

If I am not mistaking, Kansas State also fell. This is despite both schools being in the middle of very rigorous campaigns to move up that list. Incidentally, Topeka has basically defunded Public Education in Kansas, but those two things can't possibly be related.

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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

Yes, and they did do that. It may not be great, but that is a limitation of the technology. I can get on their Wireless network just about anywhere in Lawrence at this point.

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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

This is about broadband, Phone and TV are dying technologies. Eventually it will all go over the Internet. In many places in Lawrence you have one option for Broadband, that is WOW. Even WOW only has a theoretical Max of 50 Mbps, which is a joke. AT&T is only useful if you get U-verse, which is not available in many places. So best case you can get AT&T with a max of 24 Mbps, or WOW with a max of 50 Mbps. That is just laughable.

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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

That is the problem, this has happened time and time again across the country. A city is underserved, the current broadband providers could give two craps about expanding and improving service. Then suddenly a local company or municipality proposes high speed fiber with public incentives. Suddenly the incumbnent providers come out of the wood work and say "Well hey thats not fair." despite never once proposing a similar project or in some cases, completely ignoring pleas for better access.

One of two things can happen:

The city can say no, and the project goes dead. The result of that, and I will bet money on this, is that nothing changes. We continue to be one of the worst places in Kansas for broadband (Worse than places like Garden City, Manhattan, and Salina) and the companies complaining about "uneven playing field" won't even bother to come back to Lawrence.

The city can say yes, and Lawrence can finally have real broadband and a plan to expand it to the entire city going forward. Wow suddenly now has competition, they have to pay up, or start bleeding. AT&T suddenly has to compete, they have the money and resources. Even if the project doesn't go off like planned, it starts competition. And there is a good chance if the project does fall on tough times, when Google completes their build-out in KC, they might just pick up the little fiber project to the west.

I literally see no downside to this. Everybody wants government out of things, but when private industry refuses to because they have monopolistic power, it is time to kick-start it. If Lawrence doesn't get on fiber now, we will quickly become a broadband black hole in Kansas, and that is NOT good for business, period.

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Brownback campaign to residents of Lawrence: 'It's nothing personal'

Davis should milk this for all it's worth. Get as much of Lawrence to show up to the polls and vote and it could actually make a difference. I'd be the first in line for a "Lawrence Liberal" T-Shirt and bumper sticker.

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Douglas County considers jail expansion

How is that lousy planning? That is the exact opposite, to have the projections like that and build something that can be phased in over time. Had the built it it to house 2010 levels, it would have been "Bad planning" because they spent money on all that unused space.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

I think there is a point on banning it on Mass itself and the sidewalks. I too hate walking down Mass having to walk through a cloud of smoke in front of certain areas. However, even as much as I hate smoke, I would not be for a complete ban downtown. Let the bars and restaurants that have patios on the back of their buildings allow smoking. The only problem is really on the front sidewalks.

Honestly, the bigger reason for a ban is all the trash that smokers leave behind. I don't know why throwing a cigarette butt on the ground isn't considered "littering" because that is exactly what it is.

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KPERS hits 60 percent funded benchmark

Funny how it's Obamas fault that the Kansas economy sucks, but when investments that benefit Kansas are good, thats all Brownback.

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QuikTrip moving into restaurant business at 23rd and Haskell; home sales fall in May; area businessman in running for national entrepreneur of the year

I am originally from Wichita, and have a Quiktrip right around the corner from where I grew up. It was almost a daily trip for me to grab a drink or a quick bite. The newer stores take that whole idea to a whole new level. Unfortuantly since I have been in Lawrence I almost never go to Quiktrip thanks to its awful location for anybody in Lawrence that doesn't use K-10. Seems like a location in the city itself would make more sense.

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K-State upgrades video, sound in Bramlage Coliseum

Hey, gotta find some way to make that place interesting and loud, because we all know nothing interesting is happening on the court.

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