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KU business dean is candidate for provost, will address campus Monday

Neeli is such a wonderful caring and charismatic leader, I sure would be bummed to see her leave as the head of the School of Business, but it is inevitable for someone like her. I was lucky to be at the School of Business under her leadership and see what she did to transform the school. Better KU keep her on the hill than let some other school pick her up, its not a matter of if, it is when. Kansas could only be so lucky to have her as a Chancellor in waiting.

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Outside lane of westbound 23rd Street to close for a week starting Wednesday

Better headline "Avoid 23rd Street between Louisiana and Alabama for the next week"

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New center for business startups opens near Ninth and Iowa; city plans to discuss gigabit Internet again

Those are two completely different things. Cities lay down fiber for traffic networks and things like that, however the cost of just laying it is so expensive they normally lay dow a lot of "extra" because the difference in cost is not even a factor. The networks were put down for the intended purpose and only recently have companies come forward to say "Hey, if you aren't using the extra, can we use it." I think it has taken a lot of cities by surprise and they are scrambling to create policies for it. The last thing you want is the city to have put down fiber for their use, lease it all away and then end up in a situation down the road where they have no space on their own fiber because they leased it all away. It's not that they don't want to, I think they just want to make sure that they can use it for its intended purpose down the road if needed.

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KU only school in Kansas to rank in top 100 in Business Journals list

I know ratings are subjective and the US News rankings are really the only ones anyone takes seriously. However, the most telling thing in this list is a complete throwing to the wind of the perceived hierarchy of colleges in Kansas. With Kansas State pushing to be "second best" and Wichita State going for third, having even lowly Pittsburg State (wonderful school by the way) come in before Kansas State, has to have those in Manhattan scratching their heads.

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Famous buildings, forgotten pasts: KU stadium, union are memorials to university's casualties of WWI

I have always felt that the future "hopeful" renovation of Memorial Stadium would include a pedestrian plaza area on the south end. It seems that would be a perfect place for a WW1 memorial. Nothing too lavish or expensive. Just the standard memorial fare, a wall of names, and a few flagpoles.

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5 things to know about the city's new curbside recycling service

Are you sure about that? My apartment complex had the new bins delivered the other day and are sitting right next to the trash can. I probably wouldn't have noticed, but I got a nice letter on my door saying I was now responsible for the 2.81 on my rent every month.

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Brownback: Kansas should defend gay marriage ban

"Both Brownback's support for the ban and Davis' hesitancy to publicly embrace gay marriage frustrated Tom Witt, the executive director of the advocacy group Equality Kansas."

Oh come on Tom, you and I both know where Davis stands on the issue, but do you really want him to make a statement that Brownback can spin in to some ad that the public will eat up. Just be quiet and let the guy get elected. Davis has everything to lose by coming out in support, and nothing to gain in the short term.

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Davis vows to reform KanCare services for some disabled individuals

It's ironic because I know people who this change actually effected, and they seem to think it was extremely harmful But no Brownie, go ahead, continue to live in your little silo.

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Suspects identified in LHS football field vandalism that included racial epithet

It seems like they maybe went there with good intentions (using shaving cream) but somebody just had to ruin it by getting racial. If not for the racial slur, this just would have been a little prank. There really was no harmful vandalism.

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More than 30 high school bands to play during KU Band Day

I think this is pretty common across the state. I went to school in Wichita and a lot of schools from that area would come. Unfortunately most Fine Arts programs have had to cut out Field Trips like these with all the cuts. Taking 100+ people up to Lawrence isn't cheap. They stopped coming up here a few years after I graduated.

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