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Cool weather can mean just one thing ... chili!

Hot apple cider and walking my daughter around the Maple Leaf festival in her wagon when she was little :)

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Health department gives flu shot report

Feel the love ~

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I've been a loyal follow o' LJWorld blogs n comments, but not always quick to post (electronically shy I guess)

But boy howdy 'am doing so tonight.... we got to 999,000 quicker than I thought we would ~ so i'm guessing by 1:00am or so, we'll know who's won ;)

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Make the case

Thanks for the perspective, JM

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Former KU scientist wins ‘genius grant’

Very cool ~ and very right on about da brain drain = lack o'$$

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Meet our budget-savvy bloggers

i could use some helpful hints for sure ~ better believe i'll be a-reading!

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Third forum on homelessness and mental illness scheduled for Monday

These kind of informational meetings can serve many important functions, not only sharing of information about resources! Finding acceptance and/or a place where one can go where s/he isn't judged for having a mental illness is a huge step in recovery. Glad the LJWorld posts such info ~

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What is your favorite character or scene from the "Wizard of Oz"?

Is it sacriligious to say that I really can't stand the movie? perhaps if I'd first seen it with someone who didn't idolize the 'old movies' and 'the old days' but couldn't be nice on a good day in the present..... but I digress.

sorry ~ can't stand the film but i can appreciate what it means cinematically.

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Case for health care reform is pressed at City Hall

Absolutely in respect to the malpractice suits. The 'get rich' quick, entitlement mentality fostered by a itigous society or mainstream mindset has been a huge help in the increase in medical care.

And the pharm cos for sure ~ everyone wants a piece of the pie but they each wan that piece to be so darn big!

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Cool summer means not-so-hot earnings for Westar

Dig it, Socratic

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