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Forum absences raise debate between Lawrence City Commission candidates

If a Tootsie Pop was enough to buy a vote, the GOP wouldn't need the Koch Brothers.

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Forum absences raise debate between Lawrence City Commission candidates

Listen, I think our current president has put social media posts in a bad light. There is a right way and a wrong way to post online and the reality is that social media is the most prevalent forum by which individuals communicate with the world (and the world communicates back to them.). Whether or not we like that trend or not is irrelevant. Whereas our president throws up falsehoods, misinformation, and personal attacks; Commissioner Herbert pointed out a cogent and valid concern. Commissioners may be paid as part-time employees, but their jobs are anything but that. They are called to be "on call" for a number of meetings and, especially, emergencies as the leadership of the city.

I am concerned with anyone who puts any event before the events relating to the public office they are running for or the office for which they have been voted. I am a Christian. I believe in and love God and, most of the time, His Church. Having said that, as a Christian, I also realize that being entrusted with leadership is a very sacred duty in and of itself. My concern runs to what happens if there is a public emergency on Sunday that requires city leadership. What if an emergency meeting needs to be called for some unforeseen reason during a church service. These events are rare. I do understand that. But, I want to know that my city leaders put their civic duty to their constituents as the utmost priority.

Now, it bears noting that I like Mr. Stumblingbear. I love his passion for the people of Lawrence. As a lifelong citizen of the city, I think that kind of "candidate of the people" is exactly what the city needs. I think he do great things if voted onto the City Commission... But, that is when he is present. But, his missing five very important forums makes me question his commitment to the administrative side of the office he seeks. Being a leader "of the people" is only as good as your willingness to go to bat for them on an administrative level. A commissioner who balances those two traits quite well is Commissioner Herbert. He's proven that time and time again in his first term. The candidates running right now would do well to strike that balance as well.

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Lawrence City Commission candidate profile: Christian Lyche

Ohhhh... There's a few other words... But, I'm a God-fearing man and this is a public forum... So, I digress...

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Lawrence man killed in motorcycle crash was not properly licensed, police say

I understand the public wants to know. But, I have never understood why it was so important to publish what will, no doubt, be condemning information on a life-ending accident. Let the family and friends grieve. Let those involved emotionally and physically heal from the tragedy... Then, if you must, publish the information. Way too soon, Conrad. Way too soon.

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Thousands without power in southwest Lawrence

Light at Clinton Pkwy & Lawrence Ave is also out.

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A Mexican restaurant on 23rd Street, more signs that Port Fonda coming to Lawrence, an Old Chicago rumor and other restaurant news

Yeah, I'd have to disagree with you on that one, Clark. As a "portly" gentleman... I love food. And, this restaurant has delicious burritos and a pretty decent taco bar to boot. My family has eaten there my whole life... And despite how much trouble I give them about ALWAYS eating there... They ALWAYS eat there for a reason. It's awesome!

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Pedestrians hit in Target lot identified

Actually, I believe that they got this spelling right. The isles are the dividers of the lot that have grass and trees on them. You may turn from them in the same manner that you may turn from a stop light. You are not actually on the isle just as you are not actually on the stop light, but it indicates the general location of the turn, not, necessarily, the exact location of where the vehicle was before the accident occurred.

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City commissioner wants review of city's storm shelter policies in wake of Oklahoma tornado

"How much more ideal can you get than a 100% survival rate?"

Consistent 100% survival rate. The customers that were sent back to that cooler at Joplin were quite fortunate that they were sent back there to be certain. However, I'm not sure you could trust that such a structure would provide such protection in every similar situation. There is a reason that emergency management departments do studies on such likelihoods and why there are recommendations for "safe rooms" and storm shelters. I think Mr. Farmer is spot on and should continue this research and proactive governance. We certainly do not want to wait until it's too late to discuss storm safety.

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Weekday graduations get mixed reviews from parents and families

sweetiepie, both graduations were held at 7pm on consecutive nights.

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