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A Mexican restaurant on 23rd Street, more signs that Port Fonda coming to Lawrence, an Old Chicago rumor and other restaurant news

Yeah, I'd have to disagree with you on that one, Clark. As a "portly" gentleman... I love food. And, this restaurant has delicious burritos and a pretty decent taco bar to boot. My family has eaten there my whole life... And despite how much trouble I give them about ALWAYS eating there... They ALWAYS eat there for a reason. It's awesome!

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Pedestrians hit in Target lot identified

Actually, I believe that they got this spelling right. The isles are the dividers of the lot that have grass and trees on them. You may turn from them in the same manner that you may turn from a stop light. You are not actually on the isle just as you are not actually on the stop light, but it indicates the general location of the turn, not, necessarily, the exact location of where the vehicle was before the accident occurred.

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City commissioner wants review of city's storm shelter policies in wake of Oklahoma tornado

"How much more ideal can you get than a 100% survival rate?"

Consistent 100% survival rate. The customers that were sent back to that cooler at Joplin were quite fortunate that they were sent back there to be certain. However, I'm not sure you could trust that such a structure would provide such protection in every similar situation. There is a reason that emergency management departments do studies on such likelihoods and why there are recommendations for "safe rooms" and storm shelters. I think Mr. Farmer is spot on and should continue this research and proactive governance. We certainly do not want to wait until it's too late to discuss storm safety.

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Weekday graduations get mixed reviews from parents and families

sweetiepie, both graduations were held at 7pm on consecutive nights.

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Five years later, organization still keeping its 'promise'

Family Promise is by far and away one of the most amazing models of how to run a successful, goal-oriented program for the homeless. As a volunteer that loves working with this organization, I cannot tell you how much I love Dana and the volunteer staff and how much I appreciate what the organization has done for the needy in the Lawrence community.

As far as the Open Shelter, it is apples and oranges. No, they do not boast the numbers that FP boasts... But, that is due in great part to the difference in clientele. FP caters to families wishing to find practical ways off the street and back into society. Open Shelter caters to individuals (and some families) who perhaps are on the waiting list for an organization like FP or are not ready for a program like FP or are simply uninterested in a program like FP due to the strict restrictions, nomadic lifestyle or the fact that it is run through religious organizations (although the program, itself, is not religious in and of itself.) The Open Shelter also caters to those who are both mentally ill (therefore unable to gain lasting access to services or occupations) as well as those who are, sadly, just a bit less honorable and give those who are homeless a bad name by simply being lazy and making a "living" by grifting.

Nonetheless, both organizations are necessary. Just because a person might be mentally ill or unmotivated does not, of course, mean they should be left out in the extreme Kansas elements, left to go hungry or forgotten altogether. The latter of those people may be abhorrent, but they do not deserve to die.

Bottom line, however... I love FP because it looks to take those who are ready to get back in the workforce and back on their feet, a place to best prepare to do just that. Love you guys! Keep up the good work!!

--Danny Speicher

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Lawrence nurse to become full-time missionary

As with most missions organizations (especially in poor nations), the operating costs of the organization (in this case, the hospital) is left up to the volunteers who give their time. In order to go, she likely has to pay for the month-to-month operation of the hospital as part of her ministry overseas. My assumption would be that is where the high price tag is coming from.

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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

You're the one that made the analysis. The burden falls on you to prove your point. I, frankly, am not sure you have any basis for such a remark. Speed limit at that location on the road, I believe, is still 45mph. Given the icy conditions and the liklihood that the vehicle could not be slowed down adequately, I would imagine a Nissan Altima going at 45mph could easily cause the damage to that light structure that is seen. Maybe not. But, then again, I'm no expert. And, as oletimer pointed out, you likely are not either.

I do not know what the fascination is with ordinary citizens attempting to "take a crack" at guessing what happened in a tragedy where there is limited information to go off of. The most responsible thing for us, as a community to do, is mourn the loss of a man who did nothing more than serve his community dutifully and thank him for such service by keeping our mouths shut on speculation. It is, literally, the least we can do to repay him for his service.

Rest in peace, Officer Klock.

--Danny Speicher

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Kansas doctor wants license back in abortion case

I, for one, don't disagree with you. I believe the doctors (as well as the girls and women, themselves) believe they are doing what's best. It's a difference of opinion as to when life begins. I don't fault anyone for having it done or those doing the procedure. Having said that, my opposition lies in this...

If I am correct and life does begin at conception (or even earlier than the allowed timeframe in which abortions can be performed), than we are killing innocent humans by allowing abortions to occur. This is where my dilemma lies.

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Kansas doctor wants license back in abortion case

:) What does this have to do with anything?

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