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Norquist coming to Kansas to talk about immigration

What a bunch of foul mouthed, disrespectful, crud comments on this thread. Don't any of you know that you will receive as you have given? Show respect to gain the same. Everyone, and of course I mean everyone, has something to add to this American Experiment.

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Hundreds gather for food, fellowship at Community Christmas Dinner

How wonderful it is when brethren dwell together harmoniously! And the meal is the medium of this special time and grace! Though we were unaware of this event to enjoy it with you we will be sure to avail the time to spend it with you all this next year.

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Do you think the police should install surveillance cameras downtown?

How is it that one can be opposed to the watchful eye of authorities interested in detouring wrong behavior and, "all in," favoring greater security when their lives or loved ones face evil intentions?

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Amyx asks City Commission to weigh recreation center against other city priorities, projects

Well here are my two cents on the subject of spending for the betterment of Lawrence residents, current and future....

Make room for private sector investment to grow and meet our community need for recreation. How to do this might be a simple as letting the YMCA operate a facility here as is such in Wichita, Topeka, etc.

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Sound Off: When heading north or south on Iowa Street and turning left onto 27th, why is the light a

Hate of traffic controls is not a family value.

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Lawrence man arrested on animal cruelty charge

What if we had to received the judgment we dish out to others? Let the paid professionals handle this. This could be his dog and his lame idea of how to punish/obedience train his animal.

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Opinion: Tax returns don’t matter

Ha! Think again! Too funny....know in a little while won't we?

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Opinion: Tax returns don’t matter

The trouble with most in our country is in what we believe. If we believe in a lie it is true that we are deceived. Strive to seek out truth and truth outlets (sources). You are loved with an everlasting love. Go out with joy and be led forth with peace!

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Speedy neutrino upsets scientific absolutes

Thumbs up!

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