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Attack on Iran

BK, arguing with you is fruitles and pointless. No matter what I say or point out to you, you believe what you want. Good for you, enjoy yourself and know I won't post again. I have never shrunk from discussing the issues with anyone, but I will not discuss them with those who look at everything with a prejudice and looking to find fault. There is nothing better than critical thinking, but with that comes some sort of THINKING!I suggested that we meet and talk about these issues, but you would rather talk out of the side of your mouth and discredit Islam and Muslims. Your right - and I served to ensure that - so knock yourself out.

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Attack on Iran

Well, I have work to do, so you guys think what you want and act accordingly. Ideas are fine, truth, sometimes, is ellusive for people who are not used to it. Lets put a truth spin on things instead of following derogatory talking points invented by prejudice people.

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Attack on Iran

Wrong again BK. The Children of Israel were scattered throughout the diaspora and did not remain in that land. How can you say they are the same people. They have non-Hebrew names, they have a different religion altogether although they call them selves Jews. The Jews are descendants from Judah who was ONE of Jacob's sons and his family were the ones who scattered. The remaining parts of the family are untraceable. Prove to me they are one in the same.There is no such thing as "Islamics". Where did you get that word. Islam is the religion and Muslims are those who follow that religions. Do you have a word "Christianics?". or Judaic's" referring to people who believe in that religion. You are shooting from the hip and since you bring no evidence, just continual gibberish we have heard a million times, I am inclined to believe research and facts.I hae never heard a Muslim or Palestinian (Muslim or not) say that Jews did not have a right to the land. They do. But they have the same right as Palestinians Christian and Muslim. There should be a way to live in peaceful coexistence, but you cannot have that when one occupys the other's as the Israelis do over the WEST BANK. I have said a million times that if Israel gets out of the West Bank the wars will crumble. Let the Palestinians breathe, eat and enjoy some part of life!

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Attack on Iran

BK, sorry you didn't read my lenghthy post that got truncated. Since I work for a living and do not spend my entire day reading and responding on here, I will answer briefly:1) Not an apologist, just a reader of Quran and Sunnah. I do not ascribe to any school of thought because these writers, like me, have their opinion and I have mine. AND I have more research, methodology and statistics than they had which makes my thinking more exact. Second, they concluded, in the 8th or 9th Century, that after they wrote and made all the research and thinking that was necessary, there would be no need for more. I couldn't agree LESS. We need constant research and understanding.2. I do not speak for anyone but me and I clearly pointed out that the proof of what I said is in the Quran its self. Read it and you will see many times that it "is clear" "easy to understand and Remember" etc. Read it your self.3. I speak for what is written, not what is done or misunderstood by those who can't read. Terrorists read a part, misunderstand it and use it to make war on innocents. Not cool and not permitted in Islam, but ignorants, like them, believe it fully.Blast away, but if you would take the time to enlighten yourself and read it yourself to see if I am wrong. The Quran is not a book of quotes although it can be quoted. It has long sentences and sometimes its point goes over two or three verses. Read the whole of what it is saying, not take out of context bits and pieces. For example: Did you know that Jesus said in the Bible, that "No one comes unto the Father"?Not the whole though is it? Not the whole sentence but this is how the ignorant quote the Quran.So the ignorant say that Islam believes in violence because (and they quote): ":Kill them where they fight". Actual quote from a post a few days ago.But what it really says is : "And if they oppress you and fight you, kill them where they fight you, but if they cease, then fight them not".Read it ALL yourself.Since there is no clergy in Islam, as Islam is clearly written in the Quran, there is no authority above me except God. I do not ask you to believe me, but for the truth, you should read it yourself. Read the whole thing and you will see what I am saying. If you do not read it, do not debate me, for I don't debate ignorant people. Thanks.

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Attack on Iran

Well, Screedposter, I am neither, and if I leveled a charge like that against you (and since I am an ethical person, which obviously you only can aspire to be) I would state the reasons, give evidence and welcome debate.

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Praise for departed friends

The better question in my opinion is "who is Cal Thomas?" All I see is a spinner of truth, an anti-intellectual, a hater of all things Islamic or non-Judeao-Chirsitan, a hater of Semites (Arab Semites) and an abject provaracator. (I think that is spelled wrong, but you get the drift!) His columns are filled with hate and are intentionally misleading. It is hard to believe that anyone of the quality of Dr. DeBakey would know or want to know Cal Thomas.

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Attack on Iran

jafs, while I agree with you for the most part, I wonder where this could go. I believe that if the USA did not support Israel with arms and restrict it from occupying Palestinian land, there would be no Al Queda, no Hisbollagh or Hamas. These organizations were build on the premise of defending their own land.The five Pillars of Islam are these: 1) Belief in One God, 2)Prayer to Him, 3) Giving Charity, 4) Fasting the Month of Ramadhan and 5) Pilgrimage if one has the means to do so. Nothing about fighting or killing. The Quran advocates the freeing of ones self from oppression, such as living under the rule of unjust people, in this case Israel.Lastly, the balance of power in the Middle East wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing unless you want absolute power to do as you want. The idea that Iran would have nuclear weapons should be a deterrent to Israel and that Israel's nuclear weapons should be a deterrent to Iran. Sort of balances out. But we Americans want to be supreme and won't allow anyone to be equal or above us in power except Israel. Thus we make it look like they are the bad guys. The Palestinians have been on that land for thousands of years along side the Children of Israel. Not the Israelis, they are European and Western Jews who want to claim this land as theirs.

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Curb comments

I agree with the LTE. Some things are news not commentary. We should discuss the heck out of LTE and opinion pages, but read the news and move on. Some on here, and I might be one, are very opinionated and one sided and that is fine. But when someone has a tragedy, there is no point in discussion. It happen and the heartbreak that follows is very private and sometimes painful. I guess if you want to discuss everything, you can, but I think it is very poor taste. But then with some, what is taste?

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FISA law attacks basic U.S. freedom

Before this article hits the bottom of the page, over 100 responses will be logged and with venom and blood on both sides. I happen to agree with the author and fear for the day when more of our constitutional rights are trappled on. What is more important?Yes, we are afraid of another terrorist attack, but I have read in thousands of pages of history that most governments implode from corruption or internal strife, not defeated by outside sources. That is exactly why the oath of office for most of our goverment positions makes a pledge to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Ever think about that?

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British bow to Muslim law

Bk here yoiu are asking a good question again and am to assume that you will try to turn it around and misquote me tor what I write? If you cannot discuss with respect this will be the last.Some Muslims believe that the Quran is complete and needs no explanation or interpretation from "scholars" who are mostly guided by their own prejudices and points of view. I do not follow any one school and they recognize no one except those who follow them. I believe in my own judgment and so does God. He said: '54:17 And We have indeed made the Qur'an Easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?' '3:105 Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving clear Signs: For them is a dreadful penalty,' I think my religion should be based upon clear signs and not hidden meanings and disputations. The Quran is clear and I can read, so I make my own school of thought. Why can't I, they did. But I have studied a lot and have read a lot of the writings that happened hundreds of years ago. So my job is to apply it to today. listen or believe me or not, it is up to you, but I won't say anything that I am not familiar with.Islam does not require women to be second class citizens In fact it tries to make them equal. Read all of the second chapter it says many things that open up life for women as compared to where they were before Islam. It is the men who want to hold them back. In many Muslim countries women are vital and are part of the world. Most Middle Eastern countries don't allow that for their own purposes not according to Islam. Apostasy is a relative term and those who live in Muslim countries under Shariah Law are protected by the Law to believe what they want. There is no compulsion in religion. Only in Mecca are non-muslims not permitted. This is to be the shrine for Muslims. I wouldn't expect to see Muslims as part of the council that rules in the Vatican or in Anglican churches where they have their own councils. I believe that in a Muslim country non-Muslims who want to serve in government can. They can in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt. I don't know about other countries. Haven't been to them all.

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