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Have you ever boated or fished along the Kansas River?

Once canoed the great and mighty Wakarusa during and after a torrential rainstorm. I miss Jerry too,......Garcia, that is.

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Lawyer says Afghan killings suspect Robert Bales recalls little

Perhaps too many twinkies? It's worked before.

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Where do you first turn for reference when you have a question?

I turn to the Bible, because as everyone knows, "ALL the answers are in the Bible".

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Brownback to discuss human trafficking Thursday at KU

The "Bible" not only condones but actually advocates the institution of slavery. So....what's the problem here? The "Bible" states that slavery is just fine. Got an issue with that? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God said it, that settles it. And my family would like to have our slaves back now.

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Kansas group to ask senators to repeal sodomy law

The "bible" advocates slavery.

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Are fathers more involved in daily family life today than when you were young?

LJWorld welcomes your comments.

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E. Lawrence resident known for simple life dies

I've been thinking about you often of late.

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Hot doggin’ it: KU Christians grill food for late-night crowd

The jewish and christian scriptures not only condone the institution of slavery but they advocate it. If that's the kind of "religion" you want then you can have it.

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Brownback's CITO resigns amid controversy over degree on resume

It's not only acceptable,'s required.

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