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Will of KU benefactor Elizabeth Watkins, dead since 1939, provides twist in student health center changes

Wow, wonder what Mrs. Watkins thinks of the Affordable Care Act and electronic health records?

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Lawrence Public Library provides fun and discounts for big move

It takes 10-15 mins. to drive from the far southwest corner of town to the downtown library. I don't consider that a long distance.

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January 7th Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire Medical wrap up

what was the deal with fire about 9PM near 25th and Alabama? another suspected apt. arson?

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Call center to bring 300 new jobs to downtown Lawrence; Setting the stage for $12M incentive debate for Ninth and N.H.; speculation that wine bar is set to move into 901 N.H. space

Why does he need incentives? Isn't the profit the project is expected to generate incentive enough? Aren't we all free-market capitalists here?

Oh I forgot, it's Compton... suckling at the public teat for private gain... now it makes sense.

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A little boycott

... Should read: "most people in this city" ..... The moat people live elsewhere, in Mordor I think

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A little boycott

A beautifully written letter that expresses the feelings of moat people in this city who are not Chamber members.

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Kansas spends nearly $650,000 tracking down college students for census

that and it undermines the university towns. Thanks Topeka.

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School board proposes freezing teacher pay for 2010-2011

state workers haven't gotten a raise in two years

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KU playing catch-up while neighbors leave Big 12

a 60" column with 5" inches of material. Another gem.

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Ex-employee links KU tickets to AD gift

Interesting that the Topeka C-J broke this story not the LJW.

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