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Senate Democratic leader asks attorney general whether Supreme Court's voter decision affects Kansas

I hate to tell you guys but you lost this Supreme Court decision..
But then again you will soon find out..
Don't expect the AG to say the Kansas law is bad..
Hope you all are staying cool, also don't drive into water..

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Embattled KCC director out following critical statements

I want all the commissioners to resign, after hearing about the use of "pink sheets" to make decisions for utility rate increases without having an open meeting. Plus all the decisions should have to be reviewed to see if they are legal.

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Editorial: Gun law costly

Again Guys,
They are not cops, so they do not need a cops training. You don't call a CC carrier to respond in place of a cop. By saying a CC carrier can't carry the same gun as cop, I assume that you would support a law that your car can't go as fast a Highway Patrol car. Plus open carry has been the law forever in Kansas. Lawrence is a open carry city also.

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Editorial: Gun law costly

CC holders are not cops. They do not need to be trained to the level of cops.

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Mediation in school finance case unsuccessful

Why is this news?? They have until Oct. 8.

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Letter: Courage lacking

Maybe the senators voted the way most of us Kansas's wanted them to vote.
I believe that is why they are elected, to represent the majority of people.
That is normally opposit of you all in Lawrence/Douglas County.

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

Expanding the background checks would be a good thing if the people that failed the checks were arrested. But that does not happen as there is only a handful of people that failed the checks that have ended in court. So if they are not gona to enforce the law, why should we let them waste more money checking more people. The thing that needs to be fixed is the mental health records part of the background check. Oh, please see ATF&E form # 4473.

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Vigil held to promote gun control

Lets put the online gun sales questin to bed. If you buy a gun online the people that are selling it will need to know a gun dealer that is close to where you live so that he can send the gun to that dealer. The dealer in question may not do that type of sale. You then have to find another dealer. Once you have a dealer, the seller will ship the gun to your dealer. You then have to go in and fill out a ATF&E 4473 form for the dealer so that he can run a background check on you. If you pass and pay the dealer his fee for handling the sale you will get your gun. If you fail the background check, you are most likely now a felon that is subject to arrest. So where is the loophole for online sales in the backgroung check law?

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Letter: Expanded care

Look what is coming down the pike.
Looks like things might be looking up.

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Letter: Focus on Paul

Thank Eric Holder for the cost. They had to use a 13 hour filbuster to get what should have been stated right after the question was asked.

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