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Kansas concealed carry permits set record in 2012

Cops may take a oath, but the SCOTUS has said they do not have to protect you.. If No Guns Allowed works so well, I think you to talk to the parents @ Sandy Hook Elementary & see if they agree with you.. Have a good day & stay cool.

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Kansas concealed carry permits set record in 2012

You people forget that Kansas is an open carry state. That means you do not need a permit to carry. Beside it is easier to carry a handgun than a cop. Plus cops don't carry to protect you, they carry for there own protection.
Have a good day and stay cool.

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KCC drops controversial approval process called 'pink sheeting'

All should resign, otherwise we need to get the "tar & feathers" ready.
To bad there is no penalty for not holding meetings in open session.

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Kansas House Speaker Merrick blasts regents, KU over funding, salary issues

Look around you, you KU people. KU does not belive in diversity.

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Kansas representatives illustrate divide over farm bill

You democrats should look at Detroit, Michigan and then say is this what we stand for.
Then you should hang your head in shame.

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Kansas representatives illustrate divide over farm bill

Ask me if I care!!

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Kansas representatives illustrate divide over farm bill

Boy are you guys out in left field. This should not be called a farm bill, it should be called a food stamp bill or SNAP. We need to rain in government, it is to big..

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Senate Democratic leader asks attorney general whether Supreme Court's voter decision affects Kansas

I hate to tell you guys but you lost this Supreme Court decision..
But then again you will soon find out..
Don't expect the AG to say the Kansas law is bad..
Hope you all are staying cool, also don't drive into water..

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Embattled KCC director out following critical statements

I want all the commissioners to resign, after hearing about the use of "pink sheets" to make decisions for utility rate increases without having an open meeting. Plus all the decisions should have to be reviewed to see if they are legal.

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Editorial: Gun law costly

Again Guys,
They are not cops, so they do not need a cops training. You don't call a CC carrier to respond in place of a cop. By saying a CC carrier can't carry the same gun as cop, I assume that you would support a law that your car can't go as fast a Highway Patrol car. Plus open carry has been the law forever in Kansas. Lawrence is a open carry city also.

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