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Civil rights panel weighing testimony on Kansas voting laws

Michael, I think you are right. Stay warm and well.

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Civil rights panel weighing testimony on Kansas voting laws

Steve, you are probable right because the DVM was to get new software installed and that was put on hold. Then they were gona it the next year but there was still a bunch of problems. They got it next year but the system was full bugs and if you talked to the DMV people it was a very sore subject. Now I don't know weather they every got it fixed. So the SoS put the whole thing on hold till they got the bugs out of the system. I told my Reps to draw a red line through that companys name and never hire them again. Stay well and warm.

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Civil rights panel weighing testimony on Kansas voting laws

Boy are people gona be in for a shock when the drivers license clerk says let me see you birth certificate. Seems that back in the 1990s congress said you had to have proof of US citizenship to renew your drivers license. I have already been told to be sure and bring mine when I go to renew next time. Stay well and warm.

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Fix-It Chick: Choosing an LED lightbulb

Thank you for telling us about Kelvin as used with a camera. So my question for you is how many 7000k bulbs are you using in your house? Also when talking about lighting in a house the use of warmer & whiter are used to get away from the yellow look of standard bulbs.
Have a good & stay warm.

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Alumni, community petition seeks KU student leaders' resignations; status of hunger strike unclear

What these kiddies need to do is go back home to there Mommies & Daddy's house and crawl back down in the basement because the real world will eat them alive!

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What's the best food or drink to help a hangover?

If you feed a drunk food, you get a fat drunk, give a drunk coffee & you get a coffee logged drunk. Time is the only cure.

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Proposed voting regulation changes to draw opponents

They have, the DMV dropped the ball. Now stop whining or come up with a way to fix it. Voter ID is here to stay.

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Advocacy group's CEO sees new issues with Kansas welfare law

Whine, whine & more liberal whine.

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Letter: Church, state

David, you need to take off your "Rose Colored Glasses" & read the 1st Amendment again..

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Letter: Church, state

There is no such thing as separation of the church & state!!

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