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Proposed voting regulation changes to draw opponents

They have, the DMV dropped the ball. Now stop whining or come up with a way to fix it. Voter ID is here to stay.

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Advocacy group's CEO sees new issues with Kansas welfare law

Whine, whine & more liberal whine.

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Letter: Church, state

David, you need to take off your "Rose Colored Glasses" & read the 1st Amendment again..

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Letter: Church, state

There is no such thing as separation of the church & state!!

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Guns and liquor could be mixing at your local bar

Eric, There is no potential for liability for a Kansas business if the store has no sign. If they post a sign then they are saying we will provide adequate security to protect you from gun violence. Look at some of the stores that have "no guns" signs, due you see there security people. Nah, that would cost to much. I avoid stores that are posted "no guns", makes them the perfect target.

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Guns and liquor could be mixing at your local bar

People in Lawrence you need to worry about Liberal/Democrats with a mental problem because they are the ones that go to GUN FREE ZONES to kill people. Sense Lawrence is full of Liberal/Democrats, you people should keep looking over your shoulder.

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Editorial: Time for action

Paul & David, my mom use to say if you can't be nice, then keep your mouth shut. Greg this is what happened. Osawatomie lost 60 beds because the feds said the rooms were not safe. The SPTP unit is a separate from the psychiatric hospital. The loss of beds at the SPTP unit will just mean that those people will just remain in jail until the SPTP unit is ready. This has no effect on the psychiatric hospital. This whole was problem was created by the liberal/Democrats wanting to move these people back into society & was done in the 1990s.

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Kansas lawmakers to reopen debate over police body cameras

Body cameras are just the tip of the iceberg. The storage will be the elephant in the room. There fore should be up to the local government to decide if they want the cost. Talk to Kansas City Star about there storage of pictures taken to get an idea of the cost.

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Kansas GOP sets caucus date, gears up for 2016

After reading it twice why you would you waste time reading it again. Same old stuff in every post.

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Kansas GOP sets caucus date, gears up for 2016

I see "cut & paste" is back in full form. So sad, nothing new here, same old stuff.

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