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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

Exactly. And the second message I received stated that the gymnasium had been secured and was being used as a staging area for those that did not have rides. Jeebus people, calm down.

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

I just received an automated message from Ed West. I'm sure it takes some time to notify the parents of all 1,500ish students.

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Lawrence gas prices markedly higher

In Topeka today, gas at the new KwikShop at 21st and Belle was $3.57/gallon; with my Dillon's card it reduced the price to $3.55/gallon.


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Tennessee couple arrested in Lawrence in connection with the 2009 death of their baby daughter

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Town Talk: Home sales down in 2010; home construction up in 2010; sidewalk shoveling complaints start to roll in

This is probably the sanest thing I think I've seen anyone post, ever. Well done.

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District attorney: Congressional candidate Kevin Yoder entered guilty plea in 2009 to not taking breath test

Hey, Journal World - the name of the guy who works for the KS Dept. of Revenu is KELLER - Jim KELLER - not "Zeller."

Good lord can you not even get the simplest things right?

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Woman killed in head-on collision on K-10

People who drive that far under the speed limit are just as much of a traffic hazard as those who drive 15 mph over.

Don't hurt yourself patting yourself on the back.

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Free State soccer hammers Gardner

I'm pretty sure I've discovered at least one error in every single LJWorld girls soccer story this season.

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District court to cut hours in response to state's revenue shortfall

I suggest proofreading your posts prior to making the claim that another person is an "idiot."

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