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Statehouse Live: State agriculture secretary calls for repeal of laws restricting corporate farms

Rodman's vision: Most of western Kansas is taken up by ten-thousand acre farms with two or three employees. A few towns survive -- Hays, probably, Garden City and Liberal, maybe -- but no more than are necessary to serve a decimated population. And out-of-state agriculture corporations thrive on revenue derived from Kansas operations. It is that kind of agriculture that he's secretary of.

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Should the city ticket property owners with snowy sidewalks?

The city needs a right-of-way to the land because it doesn't own the land. If it owned the land, it would need no right-of-way. Any improvements on the land -- like a sidewalk -- belong to the owner of the land, not the city. The owner should maintain those improvements, and keeping a sidewalk in functioning condition seems like a reasonable maintenance requirement.

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Pre-filed bill would retain third-graders with reading problems

Gov. Brownback has long trumpeted the goal of having all Kansas fourth-graders reading at grade level. It's a laudable goal, but I'm not sure the best plan for achieving it is to keep any children who fall short out of the fourth grade. The goal is for all fourth-graders to be proficient, not to have only proficient fourth-graders.

Let's put in place plans for improving reading proficiency before we legislate out of the classroom any students who fall short. Huebert's bill makes about as much sense as would having non-proficient readers skip from third to fifth grade, although that would help achieve the governor's goal, too.

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Editorial: Choice awaited

The editorial contains two questions -- essentially identical -- that have long ago been repeatedly answered. It also repeats claims that have been more than adequately refuted.

Mr. Martin's comment is perfectly appropriate. I for one am glad that KU has someone who will diligently set the record straight when the Journal World editorializes along these lines. Although I haven't worked in Africa, whatever that might have to do with it.

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Republican lawmakers to choose legislative leaders

Steve Abrams is awful, but better him for senate president than that termagant Susan Wagle.

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Economist calls for flat tax, less spending

If we got rid of loopholes and deductions, we'd have a flat rate. We'd all pay 10 percent on our first $8,700 in income. We'd all pay 15 percent on our next $26,649 in income. We'd all pay 25 percent on our next $50,299 in income. We'd all pay 28 percent on our next $92,999 in income. We'd all pay 33 percent on our next $209,699 in income. We'd all pay 35 percent on any income over that.

That's using expected 2012 rates.

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Versailles wows KU men's basketball team

"Enormity" doesn't mean "enormousness."

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Branding blunder

You seem to be at least slightly too familiar with it.

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Branding blunder

No one rewrote a law. The court's decision didn't change one word of the Affordable Care Act. The court simply found the act constitutional.

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