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Letter to the editor: School crisis

The Supreme Court hasn't threatened to close schools. It has ruled (again!) that the legislature and governor have not met their constitutional duty to fund education, and the court has noted that as of July 1, there will be no legal means for the state to transfer money to school districts unless the legislature and governor come back and do their jobs properly.

The court has done its job and protected the constitutional rights of Kansas children. And, not incidentally, protected the rule of law in Kansas.

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Three Kansans dead, two sick from contaminated ice cream

What is a weakend?

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Gay-rights advocates observe Supreme Court proceedings with excitement, anxiety

If there's a slippery slope (which is a name for a logical fallacy), it doesn't begin with same-sex marriage. It begins with mixed-sex marriage. If a man and a woman can marry, then can two men or two women marry? "...[C]an a man marry more than one woman? Or more than one man?" And so on.

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House approves bill requiring KU Medical Center to establish stem cell research center

This is nothing more than an attempt to enshrine in state statute a bias against embryonic stem cell research. It's well-charted territory; in fact, it's been the object of Sen. Pilcher-Cook's legislative agenda for nearly a decade.

Next up will be bills to ban embryonic stem cell research in Kansas and to prevent Kansans from receiving any therapy using embryonic stem cells. Pilcher-Cook has introduced such bills before, and this latest one is just groundwork for new ones.

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Brownback administration pushes to repeal restrictions on corporate agriculture; opponents say family farms will suffer

Brownback's secretary of agriculture is a corporate-farm type. It's the only agriculture he knows. He worked for Cargill for 130 years or something like that.

The administration is looking forward to the day when western Kansas is nothing but 10,000-acre farms, each with two or three employees. And a few days after that, a desert.

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

A large portion (half or more) of fertilized eggs never implant in a woman's uterus and thus result in no pregnancy. Presumably the state legislature will take some action to change this. For every child born in Kansas, at least one other "child" has "died" because of this basic biological fact, one that should alarm anyone who would give a fertilized egg the same ethical and legal status as a human being.

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Measure would start stem cell research center at KU Med

Sen. Pilcher-Cook has made it a personal crusade to ban embryonic stem cell research in Kansas -- and to make any therapies using such cells unavailable to Kansans. She tried bill after bill when she was a member of the Kansas House, and although she found supporters, none of the bills managed to make it past the moderate leadership of the Kansas Senate.

Last November's elections eliminated that roadblock to her ambition. And she's taken the smarter tack of proposing what seems on the face of it to be a constructive bill. But it's just a back door effort to write into state law restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. (Which, incidentally, doesn't involve cells taken from aborted fetuses; an aborted fetus has only adult stem cells, not embryonic ones.)

Kansas medical researchers should be free to pursue work involving both embryonic and adult stem cells in the search for cures. They don't need politicians setting their research agendas, and none of us needs to have scientific progress stalled by purely political maneuvering.

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New bioscience chief concedes past problems at agency

About a fifth of the jobs the KBA has had a hand in creating during its eight years of operation were created during the past year.

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Statehouse Live: Bill to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students introduced in committee

When will you learn our language? Punctuation. It's available to everyone.

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Note to court: Effect is a noun; affect is a verb ... except when they're not

I've known people who insisted that "data" be treated as a plural but that "database" be treated as a single word. These are conflicting positions because in American English, we make single-word compound nouns using singular head nouns. We have shoeboxes, for instance, not shoesboxes. We have toothbrushes, not teethbrushes. So if you insist on "data" as a plural, you have to accept "data base" as two words.

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