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Preserving agricultural land is pro-business

Svengalli,This article was about long-term planning for the future, not just here and now. One important fact of life on this planet is population growth. This means that the number of people on the planet is constantly accelerating; it is not static. Considering this reality and the fact that we are already experiencing food shortages in certain parts of the world the ability to grow food will become more and more important as time goes on and the population continues to grow. We have also learned recently that energy issues may make locally grown food a more significant commodity since the cost of shipping might make transporting the food cost prohibitive. I think any long-term planning for Lawrence should include ensuring the population of affordable, quality food. As you point out in your response, there is plenty of other land at present to build on, fertile land should be considered a more valuable resource than to be paved over.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

I like Trinity's idea of holding it at the Stampede site. He can get a chance to earn his money back and maybe we can get to know more of the Manhattan folks.

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