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Fed policies drawing increased scrutiny

This article is strictly propaganda and infers we Americans are idiots. Every person should understand by now that the Fed is the cause of the major economic crises in the U.S. and is continuing to undermine our economy with its control over the value of our fiat money. BE INFORMED.

This author is assuming people are distracted by the blue glow of Gladiators, which sadly may be true for some.

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Library to launch new business center

Does anyone know if the public library has free wi-fi internet?

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Public input sought on 31st Street plans

How about 31st to Iowa???Better yet, How about 99% of Lawrence?What are they doing with our tax money?? Ohh.. wait. a bus system to tear up the roads even MORE is reasonable. ???

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At 30,102 students, KU enrollment touted as record-breaking

Maybe they can stop screwing over students so much??? Just a thought. Begin with investing in sidewalks and not forcing all students to pay for those stupid buses who takes lazy students from the dorms to the top of the hill. Wait.. that would make too much sense.

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Where were the cops?

Why does the liberal media print this crap?Wait.. recap.. it's the liberal media providing a non-informative bs article. Surprising? Not really.

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Teen pregnancy an alarming trend

It's called ADOPTION. Taxpayers should not be paying to help support a child in which one CAN afford. It's called a JOB. ... or a Condom... or $10/month (or free if you actually are poor) birth control. Anyone heard the word responsibility? How about treating these teenagers as adults and see how they will act with society. The government is holding them back. 100 years ago, women were starting families at 14. Now they are telling them it is illegal to have sex and the government knows what is best for them. BS. They should stop holding them back in high school and treating them like dumb children and instead promote a more educated, better future for America. But... that would mean, people would be going further in society? NO! We have to make sure everyone is to an "equal" mediocre status. Knock down the intelligent, and bring up the ignorant with no desire to further themselves in society. Yes.. those are the people we need to support. How DUMB of an idea is that? Where is that going to get the US? Nowhere. That's where we're at now. Overall, as a country, we are getting stupider with teenagers looking at facebook all day and half the country saying "he's got a sign that says change! let's vote for him!" dumb. dumb. dumb. I do not know how much longer I can take it.

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Political interest may turn to addiction

How is THIS news?!?Too bad Darwin's theory about natural selection doesn't work nowadays. We wouldn't be having these kind of "articles."

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Rising oil prices make city's paving projects more expensive

No it hasn't! How dumb do they think we are? Asphalt is RECYCLABLE!!!The increase would be due to lazy inefficient government workers.

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Organization aims to shed light on local sales tax questions

Hey Moocher,You can pay a taxicab $7 to go ANYWHERE in Lawrence. Do we taxpayers owe you anything? You work... ok, so does everybody else, and we're not asking for a handout. You should be paying for what you want. Capitalism, anyone? I personally believe riding a bike is a really great means of city transportation. Vote NO to the T that destroy our roads and pollute our city while creating a large overall deficit in which Lawrence will never be able to overcome if the T still exists.Please support a merge with KU. Please support government funding to KU for using their bus system. KU has agreed to public transit already with discounts for riders, but the city is not providing KU with any of their public transportation funds while EVERY KU student is being FORCED to pay ~$75/semester whether or not they ride the buses. The ridership has only expanded to the ones who would walk or ride their bike to class. Support the renovation of roads, sidewalks and a more bike-friendly Lawrence! (-->From the money the government already has.)

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Homeless day center vision

repndem_natives:"Wow that is a good idea, if Lawrence really cares for those with out, then why does everyone seem to look down on the homeless."Easy: the City of Lawrence does not. Homelessness is an example of the City's contribution to society and the taxpayers, not the congregations. They are actually helping those who need it with having their standard. Lawrence thinks the taxpayers need to take care of the ignorant, lazy and provide $20+/hr jobs with benefits for those with an IQ of 75. Equality, right? Punish the heart surgeon and praise the #1 doughnut shop customer. Heck, they'll even provide the free transportation.I would like to be on a road without having to dodge a 2 ft^3 pothole for my life as I ride my bike with oncoming traffic because there are NOT enough decent, if any, sidewalks. Gov't, taxpayer money needs to go to the roads, not buses for those who don't want to walk or ride their bike that also tear up the roads and endanger public safety. Roads are the #1 Priority. No one can provide an logical argument against it because it is true.

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