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Letter: Casting stones

" is not your business or your concern what choice another woman makes."

When tax dollars and public policy are impacted it becomes everybody's business. When the government takes from you to mitigate my choice you certainly "have a dog in the fight" and are entitled to work and advocate for your "side."

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Letter: Gulag not funny

" Is this willful ignorance?" Yes,

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40 years ago: Gasoline to reach unaffordable price of 70 cents per gallon, energy official warns

Look at the inflation numbers above. The cost of gas is not much more that it was 40 years ago. If you want to look for rip offs, look east to Washington D.C.

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Letter: Minimum wage

Clearly, the letter writer has never owned a business. I have, and I paid what the market demanded, which, at the time, was a little over $2 per hour more than the legislated minimum wage. The market will in fact determine the minimum wage. If no workers are available to work at $X the employer will pay $Y in order to get the number and quality of workers they need.

Finally, what makes $10.10 the right minimum wage? Why not make the minimum wage $15 per hour, or $20 per hour? Heck, make it $50 per hour and we'll all be "drinking that sweet bubble up and eating that rainbow stew."

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Letter: Oread issues

"... access to those areas should be limited." Or, at the very least tin foil hats should be provided.

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I traded here for a long time and enjoyed the "home town" atmosphere. J.D., the service manager was great. Then, they did a huge expansion to "upgrade" their facilities, J.D. left, and things changed for the worse.

It seems that every time I have my car worked on I receive a list of "needed" maintenance such as alignment, brakes, struts, tire rotation, etc. Once I was told I should have my timing belt replaced, but guess car doesn't have a timing belt.

The icing on the cake, and the reason I won't trade there any more, is the $2700 estimate to fix an upper oil pan leak. I was told the price was so high because the engine had to be removed. I took my car to Bob's Automotive in North Lawrence where it was fixed for $700.

It seems that Laird Noller Hyundai is trying to pay for that "upgrade" all at once.

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Letter: Health mistake

Wasn't the Democrat goal to make Bush a one term president? Didn't they succeed with GHW Bush when Clinton, "the first black president" was elected? Racist Democrats.

The intellectually lazy will always cry "racist" when they have nothing else to say.

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Capitol Report: College savings, unwanted building, marriage at issue

Did you not read the part where it's been up for sale twice but has garnered no interest? Too busy cutting and pasting, I suppose.

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Opinion: Sentences take financial, human toll

Kupa was a convicted drug dealer. He had been sentenced twice and arrested a third time for cocaine distribution. He obviously cares nothing about the law, no does he apparently care about he harm he might inflict on those he sells drugs to.

If I'm supposed to feel sorry for him, George has done a poor job of pleading his case. It's one thing to go lightly with a first time offender with a paltry amount for personal use, but quite another for a three-time loser.

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Letter: Happy rider

I once saw a passenger on the T.

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