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Former KU scientist wins ‘genius grant’

MacArthur Prize is the best because the recipient has full control over the funds.

Great honor for a dedicated scholar who represented his school very well.

Props to Rick.

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Greinke wins 15th

Zack has been great all year. Got to see him pitch a few times. Up there with Saberhagen, Busby, Leonard, Gubicza, Appier and Cone.

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Class clowns

Emmitt Kelly of Sedan was the greatest clown of all time.

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Beyond labels: Lawrence teens get thrifty when it comes to fashion

Cheap is the new black.

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Mangino: As of now, no players will serve suspensions

Maybe they will have to run extra laps ...

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Report says KPERS needs overhaul to remain solvent

This is a state obligation. Whether they raise taxes, put in toll booths, or develop some other revenue producer like the lottery is up to them. KPERS hasn't even had a decent COLA increase in many years.

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The one millionth comment countdown: So you want to know about prizes?

Is there a no-prize for comment no. 1 million ?

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FSHS wins triangular

Gymnastics is not as easy as it looks - and it does not look easy

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Mangino: As of now, no players will serve suspensions

I don't know all the facts here, but was expecting to see a few suspensions from each program as a deterrent to future incidents.

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Cool summer means not-so-hot earnings for Westar

I look forward to the day that consumers will be able to earn money by selling their excess home generated wind and solar power back to the grid.

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