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Kansas Department of Agriculture preparing for move to Manhattan

Oh, it is so simple?

Expecting employees to commute an extra 2 hours a day is pretty unreasonable without any additional pay.

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Kansas Department of Agriculture preparing for move to Manhattan

Ok, so no adminitrative staff is going to make the move because they get paid less than 30k.
There are other 30k jobs out there than don't require a 1 hour commutes.
Manhattan is more expensive than Topeka or Lawrence. So any employee that doesn't want to go through selling their house to get a smaller or more expensive house will be looking for a different job rather than taking a pay cut.
Anybody near retirement might stick out the drive for a little while, but the price of gas and the loss of 2 hours a day on the road will end that pretty quickly.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this move will gut the agency and reduce the effectiveness of state government.
And for what benefit? Oh, they will be located next to NBAF. Like the Feds are going to open the doors to the state and let them look at the various experiments... Got it...

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Kansas Department of Agriculture preparing for move to Manhattan

Wow, where to start. Yeah, let's move all government services to the geographic center not to where the majorty of the popluation is. Great move. And let's move all of the governmental agencies so that they aren't close to one another. That way the benefits of shared resouces and one stop shopping are lost. And let's not give unemployment to folks who cannot or choose not to make the move. Why, because some companies don't offer it? Geez...

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Editorial: On the move

It doesn't make much sense in this administration of shrinking government to move to a larger building at a higher cost and lock that in for 20 years. That is a 50k a year increase. Plus, if the technology is such that you can move from Topeka and eliminate "communication issues" then wouldn't that elimiate the need to move in the 1st place? Can't you use the same technology to work with KSU without the expense of moving?

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Aquifer sees 2nd largest decline on record in 2012

It is Mark Rude, not Rupe.

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Who is your favorite KU basketball player of all time?

Steve Woodberry! Unselfsih and clutch. Just ask OSU and KSU.

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A little fun?

Perhaps Mr. Yoder had just listened to a lot of REM...

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Brownback says he had meetings to discuss agenda, but did not violate Open Meetings Act

What does Bill Clinton have to do with this? And at least get the quote right...
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

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City allows fake grass at apartments

Perhaps the city should penalize Fritzel the same amount that it would cost to tear up and replace the fake grass. That way the resources aren't wasted but they don't get away scott free.

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Legal evil


Kpers annual payout is years of service x 1.75% x Average of 3 highest years of salary.

Working backwards. $20,000 = 5 years x 1.75 x ?
That would be a $228571 salary job.

Your friend would have to be Lew or Billy Self for that salary...

I think he didn't use the website correctly.

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