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KU football turns eye to future

Jack Del Rio earned an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Kansas in 1990, while he was a player for the Kansas City Chiefs.

I'm just sayin...

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Jayhawks ‘hurting’ after loss to OSU

I ditto the above response:

“Would like to see headline read, Jayhawks angry after loss to OSU.”

I don’t get it either, nobody is angry or outraged.

I predicted and won a bet that Gill would be hired to be the coach and was happy that KU gave him the opportunity. But he and his staff are clearly over their heads. Even the casual observer watching the game can see that some of these players do some inexplicable stuff on the field and are clearly lost as if they have never played football before. I've never seen anything like it.
I agree with one local radio talks show said “NO SCHOOL FROM A BCS CONFERENCE SHOULD BE THIS BAD”

I was shocked that the Oklahoma game is on ESPN2, this is a disaster for the future of the KU program. Potential recruits are going to be horrified at what they will witness, not to mention the stadium will be completely red in HD!

If I’m a parent of even a marginal player who would have a shot at playing college football there is no way I would send my kid anywhere near this football program, Pitt St. Washburn, JC somewhere anywhere. Kansas is making headlines nationally for how bad they are, Georgia Tech made a t-shirt mocking their defensive futility.

Unless there is a massive shake-up, passion as someone else said or someone convinces Gill to step aside this program is in deep trouble.

The sad thing is, the offense would be a fun one to watch provided they had a fighting chance.

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Former colleagues come to KU coach Mangino’s defense

Lots of interesting reading and insight…

but let me just say....Turner Gill

"Mangino didn't take KU to the Orange Bowl. They had the easiest schedule one could imagine.... "

"Lew Perkins bought the Orange Bowl bid"

I hate to agree with a Missouri fan but….

Central Michigan
SE Louisiana
Florida International
@Kansas State W: 30-24
@Colorado W: 19-14
@Texas A&M - W: 19-11
Oklahoma State
Iowa State
Virginia Tech

Don’t get me wrong, I support KU all the way, I want desperately to have a solid football program that is not only competitive but one that has championship aspirations. I think the adulation over Mangino’s “success” is laughable.
Do you want an “ok” program that wins a few games, entertains the bandwagon folks, and provides some general excitement on game day?
Or do you want to see a true winning program that shoots for more than just being “somewhat competitive”.

Mangino makes KU decent, but who can take the program to the next level.

Celebrating Mangino’s “successes” is like rewarding a child for not smearing poop on the walls. I don’t get how people are so enamored by mediocrity these days.
People who would never say to their child “I’m glad you are doing ok in school, great job” are saying that about Mangino and his so-called coaching success. I just think it tis funny.

It is an interesting discussion...

New direction... Turner Gill!

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Probe timing curious

Mangino out?

Make a call to Turner Gill

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From bad to worse

“Sucks” doesn't even begin to describe the joke that is the KU football coaching staff.


Until KU brings in a coach and coaching staff that is capable to taking this team to the next level I won't be fooled again by any future football hype.
I say this as a first time season ticket holder. I'll save that money next year.

Nebraska was better prepared (as most teams who face KU are) and Mangino was seriously out coached.

And to Mae...."KU has a fine coaching staff"

what the *&%$ team were you watching this year... "fine staff" REALLY!? SERIOUSLY!?


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Double Take: Teen daughter wants to date 21-year-old

You know at first I was going to offer some friendly parental advice because I have an idiot daughter who was in the same situation and advice from the parents meant squat.
(Everyone said, I bet the divorce affected her - she was 13 at the time of the divorce) She obviously knew best. Her mom did not object despite my obvious concerns. Two kids later and floundering I’d say told you so, but the fact that she is struggling and with another bum (tho closer to her age) common sense does not seem to have kicked in.

Screw it, let he date the bum. All of us guys know that dating some young innocent (idiot) chick back in our high school days was the thing to do. (when you could keep it hidden) No sane MATURE 21 year old wants to date a young girl unless her body is bangin! Yes crude but let be honest folks the 21 year old ain’t with her because of her intellect and wonderful personality. A 21 year old man should want a WOMAN someone who can offer him a little more on an intellectual challenge and of course mental stability. But as we all know men are pigs but advice columns like this only prove that no matter how jacked up some men or BOYS are, there will always be someone to excuse or rationalize the behavior.

Girls who are achievers, active in school activities and are driven seem to avoid situations like this. It is only girls who lack self esteem who are emotionally fragile and lack true friendships that get caught up in this crap. Just the kind of girl a 21 plus year old dude is looking for.

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Kansas will beat Sooners

KU does indeed have a chance to win IF and only IF… most of the KU football bandwagon types who populate the student section leaves at halftime AGAIN.

If KU wins a game at home and no students are there to see it, does it still count?

That T-shirt guy needs to come up with a new shirt…

“I Support KU Football”…on the front

“UNTIL HALFTIME” on the back.

Since KU lost on Saturday a national audience will be confused by why there will be so many OU shirts in the crowd.

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Changes solidify defense

"Despite a 34-point outing from the Buffaloes, the Jayhawks’ defense held Colorado to 322 yards"

Wow...I don't get it, Kansas was the #16 team in the country and this writer posts this placating article praising a defense that allowed a really crappy Colorado team with a QB who just had his redshirt pulled to effectively move the ball and the defense still for some inexplicable reason is unable to tackle.
If this was 4 or 5 years ago then this article would be appropriate, but NOW are you serious?

This is just amazing.

Oh and let me just say that keeping Toben on the bench when he has done such a good job up to this point was ridiculous. Look I like Sharp but if Sharp were not a senior and Toben was on the team who gives KU the best chance to succeed.

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Change coming to KU football

"and an inexperienced linebacker unit that includes Justin Springer (coming off a torn ACL), Drew Dudley (making the transition from offense) and true freshman Huldon Tharp (who made his first career start against the Cyclones)."

There is a difference between being an inexperienced player who may be out of position from time to time but these linebackers don’t even have basic defensive skills.
Dudley #49 (making the transition from offense) explains why I saw one of the worst linebacker performances in person, but it does not explain why he is even on the field.
So while the coaches are busy over complicating the defense less time is being spent on teaching these kids basic pre-snap reads. These players (the linebackers) are so gun shy even when huge holes open up right in front of them they stare into them wondering what to do instead of attacking. This is coaching 101. I support Mangino 100 percent but his biggest flaw is his loyalty to his staff, if they are not doing their job teaching these kids they need to be held accountable.
I don’t expect KU’s defense to play like Florida’s defense for obvious reasons but when I see linebackers consistently being turned around so badly that they have their backs to plays that is more than a little alarming.

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Kansas only half bad

jkilgore (Anonymous) says…

The defense has been exposed all year. I've attended all home games, and either are defenders are often confused about their responsibilites, or they are very slow, or both.


If you want a clearer idea of just how bad the defense is, if any of you recorded the game just take a close look at the linebackers particularly #49 Dudley, I do want to pick on a specific kid but #49 clearly has no idea what he is doing on the field. Paying close attention to him throughout the game I watched as he constantly was looking at other players for defensive assigments, seemed confused and more often than not never reads a play correctly and on a couple of ocasions had his entire body turned away from the play.

Any offensive corrdinator worth a damn would fill his call sheets with plays designed to involve the TE, delays off the line, screens, dive plays because he can be fooled at will.
I agree with what jkilgore said but other defenders at least have the skills to read a play and react quickly to the play, however they a woefull slow, no athletes on defense but the linebacking crew is the key.

What is more disturbing to me is the defense (as Mangino pointed out in his post game interview) plays with NO intensity, NO heart, they don't flow to the ball, they don't gang tackle, even players not involved in the play don't even bother pursuing towards the ball AGAIN particularly #49. Linebackers are suppose to be the most intense players on the field, #49 more times than not won't even bother to inflict even token punishment on the opposing players.

If this defensive ineptitude can be so glaring to me in the stands and if I see this again against Colorado then clearly the defensive coaches are not doing their jobs preparing these kids.

Oh and the comment on the fans, too bad you can't move the team to play in a location when fans give a damn. I mean seriously... if you can't fill a stadium on homecoming and stay for a game that was this tight throughout then don't bother coming.
Each prior game should have set attendance records but nooooo it was too cold for the crowd especially the students. Not being able to fill a stadium when you are #16 in the country have the greatest QB in Kansas history playing, two great receivers and a measure of hope to big things to come it is just embarrassing.
Lawrence should never be viewed as or mentioned as a "top college sports town." ever!

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