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Opinion: Firebirds' late-season letdown serves as lesson

COM..I don't disagree with most of your post. This should serve as a great life lesson for all involved. To copesis1 point, I also believe FS is fortunate to have the football coaches that we have. Coach Lisher and his staff consistantly end the season ranked higher than preseason polls.
I still stand by my original points. 1) I don't believe Mr. Keegan writes the same article about LHS. 2) FS didn't lose because LHS lost the week before. Complete Hogwash.
Moving forward, FS Football is in good hands next year with a very talented SR class coming in and Coach Lisher et al coaching and leading them along the way.
Finally, thanks to everyone involved in making this one of the most enjoyable seasons ever from a parent/fan perspective. Seniors...its been a true pleasure watching you all over the years. Couldn't be more proud of all of you. Thank you.

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Opinion: Firebirds' late-season letdown serves as lesson

"In short, either bring even more attention to detail, greater desire and focus..." Seriously? Would Mr. Keegan ever print this about a LHS loss, playoff or regular season. Free State had a great year, and an ugly loss to end it. But that loss had nothing to do with the coaches or players lack of attention to detail, lack of desire or lack of focus. I would submit, the FS coaches spend exponentially more attention to detail at their profession than any of us. Furthermore, it's laughable to suggest our players lacked desire, if you knew how much blood, sweat and tears they put into this program.
Finally, "it’s possible the Firebirds experienced a letdown without even knowing it....", because LHS lost the week before. Really? Free State did not lose this Friday because LHS lost the week before. Spare us with your psyco-babble drivel.
Thank you Free State coaches and players for a special season. Best of luck in the future to everyone involved with the program.

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