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Storm brings needed rain to Lawrence

My rain guage also only showed the much need rai farmers were waiting for. .25" I'm sure their happy about that....Previous rains this year were (2) .75" and (1) 1.125" . And were getting into the dry time of year. Seems every year gets dryer.

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Legendary Lawrence fiddler Billy Spears dies

I was proud to have played Pedal steel for him 80's. He'll be missed for sure by many. Rest in Peace Billy Spears.

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Lawrence police issue 31 seat belt citations in special enforcement

I wish the police would enforce the "Keep to the right except to pass law".....Some time back I saw in an editorial the were going to do just that. It seems that in Lawrence, The right lane has become the passing lane or....two slow cars drive in tandom to keep traffic behind them from passing! There are probably too many cars keeping to the left to enforce the rule!

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Rapist, murderer both eligible for parole in June

Time to let these guys out.....The authorities need more room for pot smokers......

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Woman airlifted to area hospital after injury accident

Sorry about the accident. I got home this evening to check the accident reports for the morning hours to see what had happened. Westar energy reported they had power restored by 2:15 AM....However, being a resident in that area....our lights never came back on until 8:50 in the morning. That's about 7 hours later.

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Should texting or reading texts while driving be illegal?

Isn't it obvious....Those regulating the laws on texting while driving, are the ones who text on a regular basis themselves.....They set the rules as they want......and they want to text. Their the same ones who got K2 off the street in less than a month......

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Which is more aggravating: Someone runs a red light, or stops at a green light?

I believe the most aggravating green lighters are the ones paying more attention to the conversation on their cell phones as they sit first in line at rush hour, only to barely make it through as the light turns to red.....leaving the rest of us to wait for another cycle, and those who approach the green light as if they fear it's going to change to red just as they get there, so they prepare to stop at the green just in case (These drivers generally hang in the fast lane as they mosey along)

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