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School district denies open records request for school board applications

Camera stellate, abolished in 1640, is alive and well in Lawrence, KS.

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Appeals court criticizes state law in workers compensation claim involving Eudora-based company

Is Judge Carol Arnold-Burger in any way related to Judge Karen Arnold-Burger? Or has the LJW discovered a new Judge on the Kansas Court of Appeals?
Given that the Honorable Judge Karen Arnold-Burger wrote the opinion about which you write, a minimum of competence would set getting her first name right.

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Letter to the editor: Go, Kobach

Mr. Warren,

Your priorities are misplaced. Secretary Kobach should be lobbying the Legislature for authority to kill and capture these A-#1 priorities that you have identified - UFOs, zombies, and Big Foot. He would be so much more successful. Think about his next campaign slogan: Vote for Kris W. Kobach - zombie slayer.

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District’s failure to release information about school board applicants is a disservice to the public

Perhaps the LJW should use the same "open" methodology for its coverage of the upcoming school bond issue. LJW could delay coverage as to what the bond issue is about until after the election. That way, the LJW could avoid any competing bond issues from getting an unfair advantage.

Seriously, the idea of competition for replacement of a school board member is misplaced. The selection should be the best person, not who writes the best application.

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Senate halts debate on spending cuts, tax package; Kansas' credit outlook revised to 'negative'

Mr. Brennaman,

I will substitute for Mr. Summers, today

This is nothing more than the Liberal condition, as shown by longtime Liberals Wagle and Longbine, taking money for ridiculous purposes like public safety, roads, and public schools and other hothouses of Liberal training.

(With apologies to Johnny Mercer, did I get the tone of Poor Bobby One Note?)

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Zaxby's announces opening date for west Lawrence restaurant; update on downtown chicken restaurant

Isn't illegal to open a place serving donuts and whiskey within 150 yards of a newspaper's front door? I vaguely remember something in the unfair hunting statutes that said it was unfair to reporters. You had to use more difficult snares like deep dish pizza and chocolate ice cream to catch a reporter and you could only bag two per day. Once you reach your daily limit with deep dish pizza, you have to catch and release.

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Longtime large retailer in downtown to close; the price of your cocktail may soon spike in Kansas

Carrie A Nation is rising up from her grave cheering Sam Brownback for his smashing of the destroyer of men's souls, the evils of elderberry wine and other sinful spirits by his taxing and taxing and taxing of the sinfulness of alcohol. Now we have to drive to Missouri not only for food but for our daily ration of elderberry wine.

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State's STAR bonds legislation needs thorough 'vetting,' state senator says

As Tonto said, "White man talk with forked tongue." Read these two sentences from this article and explain the difference.

?She explained the use of STAR bonds would not create new tax obligations for Lawrence or Douglas County residents." AND

"Craghead added that sales taxes from an associated mixed-use development on the west side of Lawrence or west of the city would provide the remaining 51 percent of the revenue needed to pay off the bonds."

As I read this in my slow, ponderous way, Lawrence or Douglas County residents would not have new property taxes, but if you visit the associated mixed-use development on the west side of Lawrence or west of the city, you would pay a new sales tax. Someone tell me where my reading is wrong. Or are we being told to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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Lawmakers call on Brownback to make cuts before session

Aren't we lucky to have the wisdom of a troll like Bob Summers. We should all just blindly follow his advice, but his intelligent and wise advise runs into this thing called arithmetic. His facile solution is to get rid of "They". Assuming "They" are the Governor, the Legislature and the Judiciary, we will follow the wise advice to troll Summers and cut them all to zero, nada, zip and zilch. Now, stand by for the wit and wisdom of the great Bob Summers as he tells us what other cuts to make balance the budget. After all, he is only $187,013,429 short. :-)

A reply from The Troll will refer to the "liberal condition." He just hates arithmetic.

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Editorial: Good hire

Tut, tut, Mr Holroyd, such selfish a question.

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