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Kansas governor seeks tax increases to address budget woes

I am making a beer run to KC, MO. Who needs a keg?

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Report: Kansas has ninth most regressive tax code

"We're Number Nine! We're Number Nine1" - Sam Brownback's mother must be so proud. . . .

January 14, 2015 at 7:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas ethics official doesn't appear before grand jury in Brownback loan case

I have never heard of a federal crime called stonewalling. Neither have I heard of obstruction of justice being used when a witness refused to appear. Contempt of Court, maybe, but what overt act did Ms. Williams undertake when she did not appear. Surely, Mr. Heckler has a citation to some section of Title 18, Section 15???

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Leader of downtown grocery store movement files for seat on Lawrence City Commission

What is your definition of a neighborhood, Mr. Holroyd? Please don't leave us in suspense. We await your ex cathedra pronouncement defining a neighborhood. I am sure we have it all wrong, Educate us with half of your wit and wisdom.

January 7, 2015 at 10:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

City Commission set to decide whether it wants audit of Rock Chalk Park work

It sure would be nice if we all had Mr. Holroyd's calm confidence of a Christian with four aces. We don't need an independent audit, just ask Holroyd for an opinion. He's got a million of 'em.

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Letter: Undue criticism

The public criticism is not with ELNA's desire to participate in the planning process. It is with the proposal to be PAID with other people's money to participate.

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Editorial: Broken system

And in other news, Kris Kobach announced a new three-tier voting registration system. "Every baby born in Kansas from this day forward will have my smiling face tattooed on their heinie. That way I will know they can vote. We will have the federal system, the state system, and the "Kobach's on my ass" system."

When it was pointed out to Mr. Kobach, that certain voters could have religious objections to his face tatooed on their baby, Mr. Kobach responded, "I am not going to let a small thing like the first amendment get in the way of my vote suppression system."

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Kansas court orders more state spending on schools, suggests at least $548 million more per year

And in other news, in response to the most recent court orders that school funding is inadequate, the Kansas Legislature announced the local bake sale option. Ray Merrick, the Kansas Speaker of the House, extolled this bold new legislative move. "We will permit the local schools to hold bake sales and keep 100% of the profits. Based upon the Governor's projections, we expect to raise the necessary funds. And if the bake sales don't raise the necessary money, then it is on the local communities to make up the difference with more bake sales. I have always believed the solution was at the local level." Gov. Brownback praised the local bake sale option, saying, "This law will free the great Kansas baking engine."

And in other news, the Surgeon General projected a higher number of diabetes cases in Kansas. . . .

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Editorial: Too little, too late

And I want chocolate chip cookies at commission meetings.

And a puppy.

Heckler bloviates on every conceivable subject here, but put your money where your mouth is, run for commission in the Spring.

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Delaware chief: Tribe doesn't have immediate plans for North Lawrence casino

How do you build anything that goes up on the Pine property without running afoul of the approaches to the airport?

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