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Kansas governor backtracks on outlining new budget-balancing tax plan

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out how many of the legis-delayers received a windfall from the 2012 tax cuts? And after finding out that little nugget of information, how many of them took their tax windfalls and 'Invested in jobs, unleashing the Kansas economy?' Where oh where is the National Enquirer when inquiring minds want to know?

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New proposal to narrow Kansas business tax break emerges

Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. . . .

Arithmetic is simple here. $406 Million minus $55 Million leaves a shortfall of $351 million

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Report: Kansas employment growth lags nation

Boy, the Wichita State University's Center for Economic Development and Business Research is going to get in trouble!!

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Kansas lawmakers work short week, leaving big issues still on the table

Our poor little legislators have to come back to Topeka to have conversations? Don't these village idiots have phones?? Susan Wagle meet Alexander Graham Bell.

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Lawrence superintendent signals 'grave concerns' about budget situation

I feel so much better with Ms. Crespin's authority about what constitutes a well-paid school administrator. Why did we not elect her in the last election? Such calm confidence of a Christian with four aces reminds me of a speech in Wheeling, WV on 2/9/1950.

School is not a business. it does not produce a profit or loss, it does not have shareholders, but it does produce the next generation, which is going to care for and infirm Ms. Crespin when she is infirm. With her subjective analysis, she will get exactly what she deserves in her golden years.

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Kansas governor to re-enact signing of anti-abortion measure


I feel sorry for you. Having absolutist opinions and no spell check on your computer to correct them.

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Brownback does not offer comprehensive plan to fix budget but says he will work with Legislature

The lack of leadership from this governor is just so sad. And expecting the legislature to fix the lack of leadership demonstrates a need for psychiatric care at Cedar Crest.

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Farmer elected to serve as mayor; Boley, Herbert, Soden take seats on City Commission

"Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night."

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Saturday column: Brownback still has opportunity to move state forward

Mr. Anderson,

Quit obfuscating the discussion with the tired old totem, "It's Obama's fault." What we are discussing here is Mr. Simon's unwavering loyalty to Brownback's economic policies that have a government that can't have a deficit by law having a deficit come June 30th. Twin Valley and Concordia school districts have decided to close early in the face of Brownback's miscalculation, in the words of this temporary editorial writer. Is the Brownback administration applying to the new China-sponsored development bank? Perhaps it should.

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Saturday column: Brownback still has opportunity to move state forward

Dolphie, you are so funny. I bet you were doubled over in laughter when you wrote "if he will acknowledge some of his plans have not worked out as he had hoped." And then you were in paroxysm of laughter when you wrote he "miscalculated." Really???? Miscalculated?????
Taking this temporary governor at his word that the Kansas Treasury only had $217 in it when he took office, the Revenuers are now looking at a $748 million deficit. And you say, "Miscalculated." You should go on that show, "Last Comic Standing." You would win in a walkover.

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