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Several Douglas County residents face criminal damage charges after police say they shot at mailboxes and road signs

The mailboxes are instrumentalities of the United States Postal Service and are used in interstate commerce. This gets you to federal jurisdiction. Got to give congratulations to these geniuses.

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Kansas, 9 other states sue over restroom rules for transgender students

And in other news today, Attorney General Derik Schmidt proposed the new State Sound -- the sound of a toilet flushing.

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Brownback ordered to explain why he hasn’t appointed judge

Could somebody point me to the section of the Kansas Constitution that deals with the appointment of magistrate judges? What??? Your search engines does not find the word magistrate or the phrase "magistrate judge"!! I am shocked, shocked. Perhaps Brownback studied with Dean Woermer and has the only extant copy of the double secret probation Kansas Constitution.

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Editorial: Medicaid cuts

Mr. Dean,

Why do you insult Trolls?

Mr. Summers,

You are a cliche. You add nothing to this discussion. Please remember the advice of Mark Twain: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

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Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas; broad dissatisfaction with Legislature

Zogby is not a very reliable poll. He tends to miss cell phones and phone polls tends to be automated. There are rumors he has cleaned up his act, but whether his act was cleaned up to keep his costs down or to make his method reliable is a coin toss.

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Wagle seeks Kansas Senate vote against federal order on transgender students

Finally an issue that merits this Legislature's attention. Where do we wee-wee and tinkle? Unbalanced budgets, suitable funding of education, and crippling tax cuts pale in comparison to passing a legislative resolution that has no force of law about governmental invasion of the most private of human acts.

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Letter to the editor: Faith in ‘facts’

The calm confidence of a Christian with two aces. . . . .

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Letter to the editor: Cartoon criticism

This LTE's logic confuses coincidence with consequence.

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What's your favorite guitar solo?

Mark Knopfler, Telegraph Road

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Kobach dismisses voter fraud charge against Olathe woman

The Defendant retained her own counsel.

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