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Kansas lawmakers consider 'Don't Tread on Me' license plates

How about "My Legislature is dummer [sic] than yours."

While Topeka fiddles, Kansas burns.

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Kansas delaying launch of new system for driver's licenses

You buried the lead. $44.6 million of Bob Summer's money spent on Kansas Driver's License program that is 5 years behind schedule and still not operational.

Sorta like Bob Summer's opinions - 5 years behind the times and not operational.

December 27, 2017 at 8:33 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Letter to the editor: The enemy

Those are whom I choose to vilify.

It is ironic the congenital conservative, poor Johnny One Note, Bob Summers, would miss that grammar error. After all, he is an expert on everything and has one opinion that serves him alone so well.

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Sessions undercuts LGBT protections with religious-freedom order

As a Druid, my deep devotion to trees prevents the federal government from harvesting lumber from federal lands. My religious liberty is "burdened" by the felling of trees.

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Kansas City development company buys Lawrence golf course; west Lawrence Walmart gets a remodel

The New Yorker had an article by Roger Angell about 15 years ago that analyzed golf growth. Even with the popularity of Tiger and Phil, the "sweet spot" for the golfing market was over 45, white, male, and earning $50,000+. Based upon census projections, that market is diminishing. The article went on to calculate two economic facts made growth in golf difficult: 1) rising cost of land and 2) a large up front capitalization expense for new equipment. Manufacturers could not recover their development costs in a diminishing market before the "next, new, and better piece of equipment" came along. Nike estimated its new Tiger golf balls would amortize out in 2013, if Tiger would win more majors than Jack. Sadly that did not occur.

Thought for Chad to explore: Block's purchase of the Orchards may have been to have a loss leader for tax purposes to offset income in other activities.

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Kansas delegation fully behind tax reform plan similar to Brownback policies that were repealed

My congressional delegation is dumber than your congressional delegation.

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As football season approaches, a reminder on KU Athletics' new security policies

Add one element, Inclement weather - rain, snow, or sleet, and folks with rain gear, umbrellas, tarps and you have a perfect storm.

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Kansas unveils new 'Real ID' driver's licenses, 3 years early

Can I get mine with a 6 point star? Then I can write the word "Kristallnacht" across my license with a Sharpie.

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Editorial: Kobach is not doing his job

Ron Thornburgh, Kobach's predecessor, developed a web site that became the standard for other Secretaries of State. When he entered office, Kobach said he would be making major improvements to the web site. Other than monetizing electronic filing, we are still waiting for Kobach's improvements. It is not sexy to the base to do IT, but IT improvements are the requirements of the job.

August 4, 2017 at 6:57 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kris Kobach now a Douglas County voter

Oh, the shame of it, the shame of it! #SAD

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