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Kris Kobach enters 2018 race for Kansas governor

As Secretary of State, this chief election officer will oversee his next race. Gives you all sorts of warm feelings.
Frank Morgan is his hero.

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Editorial: Jail numbers not very clear

Trail?? Like the one out of this dilemma? Or would you suggest trail by fire?

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Kansas City airport stops paper screening policy

Death by a thousand paper cuts.

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Brownback's signature would usher in biggest change to Kansas liquor law in decades

Wider access to strong beer is Brownback's only acknowledgement of the need for relief from his tax cuts that have not worked as touted. They have not produced jobs, they have not produced more $$ for the state coffers, they have not made Kansas the destination point for businesses. His simple solutions to complex problems have an easy lure to an electorate, that now finds its relief in strong beer. #SAD.

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Kansas governor now backs ‘flat’ income tax plan, including eliminating exemption he had championed

Everyone is missing the point of this con job. Ask this question: A flat tax of 4.6% on what? Federal taxable wages? Federal adjusted gross income? Federal adjusted gross income plus or minus other credit/deductions added in or disallowed? Do you want to pay 4.6% of $100 or 4.6% of $100, adjusted by all of the governator's allowances that are only available for his rich coupon-clipping supporters?

As Bismarck said, "Never watch the making of law or sausage."

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Kansas taxes nearly $12M short of expectations in March

Mr. Summers,

Rather than bloviating generalities, please specify which employees should be dumped, in your crass language. Don't come on the LJWorld web site with your pandering to the lowest common denominator. Tell us exactly where to cut. You act as a all-knowing, holier-than-thou know-it-all. Come down from Olympus and give us your expertise, if any, on where the cuts should be made.

Oh, and please also deign to tell us what exalted job on Olympus you hold that is so indentured by taxes that are the result of the consent of the governed.

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Kansas taxes nearly $12M short of expectations in March

Obviously, this is not the governor's fault. It is the fault of the calculator's used by Kansas Dept. of Revenue. Those calculator's were purchased with federal grant money when Obama was President. Ergo, it is Obama's fault. :-)

When the governator's flack comes out and tells us it is the agriculture or aviation or tech business fault, we are reminded of the ancient Confucius adage, "Whenever you point one finger, there are three pointing back at you."

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Letter to the editor: Arts deserve support

Choose between the Bombastic Bob's or this:

Winston Churchill was asked in WWII if he supported a cut in funding of the arts. The Prime Minister replied, "Then what are we fighting for?"

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'Obamacare' repeal vote put off in stinging setback for Trump

I wish I had the popcorn concession for this one. . . .

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School district denies open records request for school board applications

Camera stellate, abolished in 1640, is alive and well in Lawrence, KS.

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