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Delaware chief: Tribe doesn't have immediate plans for North Lawrence casino

How do you build anything that goes up on the Pine property without running afoul of the approaches to the airport?

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

This story misses alot. The Iwig Bankruptcy has a plan that has been denied confirmation and the bank, Kaw Valley Bank in Topeka, has been granted relief from stay to foreclose in state court. Assuming Iwig owes KVB $650k, they need the $$ to pay them off and then deal with the other objections in their bankruptcy case from Westar and some small fed agency called the IRS.

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Opinion: Texas football should turn to …

And Darrell Royal had to mash it all up last November by dyin'. He is the only coach that would have satisfied the Longhorn faithful, and he up and died on them. Don't you just hate when that happens. . . ?

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Brownback to speak about judicial selection at discussion sponsored by The Federalist Society


Wrong metaphor. The used car sales manager will be speaking at the used car dealers association to the used car dealers.

The problem with Brownback's position is it assumes the 4 lawyers elected from the 4 Congressional districts and the Chair of the Supreme Court Nominating Commission are in some sort of unison lock-step in their decisions. When, if ever, have you seen 5 lawyers in agreement? The idea of lawyers in agreement is a contradiction in terms.

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Brownback's former budget director, Anderson, will work on state fiscal policy with KPI

Dave, Dave, Dave,

Applying efficiencies to education is like applying lipstick to a pig. Education should and does resist the business principles you extol. Adding efficiency to education does not get to the root issue -- learning and making student's excited and open to learning. Didn't your teachers teach you well?

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Stegall urged 'forcible resistance' to Schiavo court ruling that removed life support

The man's name was Saul Alinsky, and please identify with some specificity which left wing appointments Sebelius made to the Court of Appeals?

In order to get more minorities employed at O'Hare Airport, Saul Alinsky simply threatened to have protesters line up at the urinals of O'Hare during the busiest arrival times. Richard Dailey immediately sat down and hammered out an agreement. And rtwngr considers that terrible?

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Stegall urged 'forcible resistance' to Schiavo court ruling that removed life support

Given that the votes are in line at the State Senate, the next stop for Mr. Stegall is a retention vote in four years. What are you going to do then?

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Prosecutors, defense attorneys clash over proposed changes to Hard 50 law

Good idea, tomatogrower. And when you convene that special grand jury, make sure you send the bill for operating that special grand jury to the Legislature to pay. The last time (1989) they held a special Grand Jury in NE Kansas, Paul Morrison was told to pay it out of his budget.

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Brownback appoints his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals

The saving graces at the Court of Appeals are it takes two votes for a majority opinion and the Court of Appeals will not decide school funding.

If the governor thinks Steagall will be the most qualified, he has not been paying attention recent appointees.

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Editorial: School stewardship

Do you have any support for the proposition that 11% increase in education is a bit much? How much is too much in your subjective analysis? Would you rather refrain from that spending and spend the money on courts, parole, probation or more jails and prisons.

This kind of editorial is just illogical blather. It begins with a factual statement, then criticizes the fact and then goes onto assume that education expenses are somehow tied to the state of economy. Comparing education budgets to economy is the same as comparing health care costs to military spending.

At least give some thought before taking pen to paper.

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