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Americans comfortable with socialism

2010 Budget of the United States federal government
Mandatory spending: $2.184 trillion (+15.6%)
$695 billion (+4.9%) – Social Security
$453 billion (+6.6%) – Medicare
$290 billion (+12.0%) – Medicaid
$0 billion (−100%) – Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)
$0 billion (−100%) – Financial stabilization efforts
$11 billion (+275%) – Potential disaster costs
$571 billion (−15.2%) – Other mandatory programs
$164 billion (+18.0%) – Interest on National Debt

US receipt and expenditure estimates for fiscal year 2010.Discretionary spending: $1.368 trillion (+13.1%)
$663.7 billion (+12.7%) – Department of Defense (including Overseas Contingency Operations)
$78.7 billion (−1.7%) – Department of Health and Human Services
$72.5 billion (+2.8%) – Department of Transportation
$52.5 billion (+10.3%) – Department of Veterans Affairs
$51.7 billion (+40.9%) – Department of State and Other International Programs
$47.5 billion (+18.5%) – Department of Housing and Urban Development
$46.7 billion (+12.8%) – Department of Education
$42.7 billion (+1.2%) – Department of Homeland Security
$26.3 billion (−0.4%) – Department of Energy
$26.0 billion (+8.8%) – Department of Agriculture
$23.9 billion (−6.3%) – Department of Justice
$18.7 billion (+5.1%) – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
$13.8 billion (+48.4%) – Department of Commerce
$13.3 billion (+4.7%) – Department of Labor
$13.3 billion (+4.7%) – Department of the Treasury
$12.0 billion (+6.2%) – Department of the Interior
$10.5 billion (+34.6%) – Environmental Protection Agency
$9.7 billion (+10.2%) – Social Security Administration
$7.0 billion (+1.4%) – National Science Foundation
$5.1 billion (−3.8%) – Corps of Engineers
$5.0 billion (+100%) – National Infrastructure Bank
$1.1 billion (+22.2%) – Corporation for National and Community Service
$0.7 billion (0.0%) – Small Business Administration
$0.6 billion (−14.3%) – General Services Administration
$19.8 billion (+3.7%) – Other Agencies
$105 billion – Other
[edit] Deficit
The total deficit for fiscal year 2009 was $1.42 trillion, a $960 billion increase from the 2008 deficit.

The changes: account for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (”overseas military contingencies”) in the budget rather than through the use of “emergency” supplemental spending bills, assume the Alternative Minimum Tax will be indexed for inflation, account for the full costs of Medicare reimbursements, and anticipate the inevitable expenditures for natural disaster relief. [2]

What is the definition of "entitlement"?

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Americans comfortable with socialism

What sort of bs numbers are you spouting?
Is that what beck told you?

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Americans comfortable with socialism

It isn't the Socialist hands that are in your pockets, but the defense contracters, oil barons, and corporate chiefs. Socialists want to put our collective hands in the pockets of the thieves who run our government and return your money and rights to you. Example: Who says BP owns that oil they're stealing from us in the Gulf of Mexico? Not Socialists! Who says we need the wars we're in? Not Socialists!

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Americans comfortable with socialism

Socialist Party USA 2010-2011 Platform
The Socialist Party stands for the abolition of every form of domination and exploitation, whether based on social class, gender, race/ethnicity, age, education, sexual orientation, or other characteristics.

We are committed to the transformation of capitalism through the creation of a democratic socialist society based on compassion, empathy, and respect as well as the development of new social structures. Socialism will establish a new social and economic order in which workers and community members will take responsibility for and control of their interpersonal relationships, their neighborhoods, their local government, and the production and distribution of all goods and services.

For these reasons we call for social ownership and democratic control of productive resources, for a guarantee to all of the right to participate in societal production, and to a fair share of society's product, in accordance with individual needs.

As we pursue a socialist transformation of society, we join with others in making radical demands on the existing system: demands that challenge the basic assumptions of a capitalist market economy while pointing the way to a new society. Although reforms will not in themselves bring about socialism, the fight for them will advance the cause by demonstrating the inherent limitations and injustice of the capitalist system. As we build the socialist movement, we organize around a platform committed to our common and interdependent struggles and aspirations.

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House defeats bailout plan; Dow closes down more than 700

God bless the USA!

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Drinking age

There are a lot of creative things we could do in this country but just don't have the collective will. Do you know in Costa Rica if you order a drink in a bar it is quite expensive, but you get a little plate of snacks with it. You spend more, you run out of money sooner, you drink slower, and you keep your stomach filled with food. Makes it hard to get falling down drunk.In Europe, of course, there are many, many, many good options for getting around, such as frequent, well-routed buses that run 24/7. You know that abortion truck that goes around the country? Maybe there should be a MADD truck with before and after car-crash pictures on it that tours the country. Might make more of an impression than those poignant roadside flower memorials.And why should it be so easy to get a driver's license?And here's another radical idea: an upper driving age limit. Because if senior citizens, with their numbers and the AARP to lobby for them, all needed good reliable and affordable public transportation, we'd have it in place tomorrow.

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I Rode the "T"

I have looked into riding the T to work at KU at 8 AM, and the only way to do it is to arrive over an hour early, or to be late for work. I think the routes are needlessly complicated, and I agree that they do not all need to hub down town.

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Drinking age

any - and also not making alcohol a BFD.

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Drinking age

Lower the drinking age and raise the driving age!

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Feds: Fire alone caused 9/11 building collapse

So what do you call it when a guy in a cave in Tora-Bora orchestrates a plan for 16 (or was it 19?) other guys halfway around the world to board four airplanes, kill the pilots, and fly the planes into buildings, if not a *conspiracy*? And if you want to believe in that conspiracy, fine, go ahead, but at least acknowlege that you're believing a "conspiracy theory." There had to be some kind of conspiracy behind 9/11!

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