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Lawrence homeless shelter to host open house at soon-to-be-home on Sunday

Sounds pretty nice.

I'm curious about how hard or easy it will be for homeless people to get to?

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Family trying to find dog that bit woman

Or maybe it's a just a good idea to try to find the dog to make sure it has been vaccinated, since it is a proven biter. If there's a dog living near you that's been known to bite people, wouldn't you want to make sure that it's been vaccinated? And wouldn't you want to at least try to convince the dog's owner not to let it run loose anymore?

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Location of downtown bus transfer point set to change

Still don't understand why there has to be a hub. At the very least, couldn't there be some routes that don't go downtown? Seems like the powers that be are really locked into one and only one way of thinking.

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Editorial: Transit hub

Why does there have to be a hub at all? Why can't there just be intersecting routes? Riders could transfer any place two routes intersect. Or how about the buses just going up and down the thoroughfare streets all day, and riders could transfer any place two main streets intersect. Seems to me that a single hub for all routes only benefits people who work where the hub is.

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Kline argues ethics case to Kansas Supreme Court

So why aren't doctors who treat underage boys for venereal diseases required to report that?

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SLT 2nd most expensive project on state’s list

Or if the city had just built a bypass, which is what the people voted for, and not tried to "switch" it to a trafficway after the "bait" had been taken... yes, think of all the money, time, and resources that could have been saved!

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Letter: Fluoride evil?

I have spent upwards of $30,000.00 on my teeth to make them presentable. Not movie-star gorgeous. Just normal-looking.

People used to ask me point-blank if I ever brushed them because they looked so horrid. I actually wasn't able to get them very clean because of how pitted they were. And brown all the way through, not just superficially.

And yes, this was due to exposure to too-large amounts of fluoride as a child.

I wouldn't call this "evil," and I do believe that small amounts of fluoride are beneficial for adult teeth, but over-exposure during certain developmental stages can have really bad lasting effects.

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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

If you don't bicycle, you might not realize it, but the safest way for a bicyclist to go through an intersection is to move into the center of the lane and take a whole turn going through the intersection, just as a car would. That's the best way to avoid getting hit by a turning car, and it's also perfectly legal. If a bicyclist does this you should not try to pass him. Of course, once through the intersection, the bicyclist should move back over to the right.

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23rd Street traffic shifted onto new bridge between Haskell and Barker avenues

Hey. LJW, would you please report the status of the exercise path between 19th street and the Haskell campus? Is it open now, too? I use that for my (bicycle) commute.

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Americans comfortable with socialism

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