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KU class angers 'design' advocates

So, life (primordial soup) began from a rock (that came from a dot, that came from nowhere and nothing), that rained chemicals on it(that came from nothing and nowhere), for millions of years (which no one saw). Then somehow, a evolutionary process started (by nothing/who flipped the on swith?). On top of that, where are the thousands of transitionals that should be linking every kind of animal we see today? Someone told me, that we won't see evolution, cuz it takes millions of yrs. What? Evolutionists have already had billions of years! Where are those sneaky transitionals hiding? I don't want to see drawings, either.

Evolution and its beginnings is much more mythological, than there being an uncreated Creator that created the numerous, and complex lifeforms, and all the provisions needed to sustain life.

Here's an added note: How many ppl know that Charles Darwin had no PhD in any of the forms of science, and that includes biology? Yet, ppl will gladly believe him, and ignore the 600+ real scientists who don't believe in Darwinism!

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