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Letter: Unhappy Republican

I`m a woman who was VERY offended by their war on women and was amazed that so many of my Republican friends said the same thing -- WHAT WAR on WOMEN??? These were smart women, or so I thought. How could you miss it? Besides not wanting equal wages for women, not wanting contraception to be covered in insurance plans, not agreeing in pro-choice, I thought the nonchalant talk about rape (as if it may or may not even exist) was the most offensive, shallow and almost inhumane views I`ve ever heard. While it`s true that Romney did not endorse Todd Akin`s comments about women`s bodies being able to keep her from getting pregnant in the case of REAL rapes, he apparently uses the same doctor Mr. Akin got this bogus information from whenever he needs to have medical questions answered. I believe the Mormon religion is a cult, and from what I`ve read about it, they feel that women are second-class citizens which would explain why Romney may not have seen a thing wrong with his anti-woman platform. Not sure what Ryan`s excuse was for being so `anti-woman.`

November 17, 2012 at 8:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )