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Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigns, hands power to military

hey everyone bondmen is a neo-con glenn beck paid employee who came over here from the star, ignore his nonsense...

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Obama to call for $53B to invest in high-speed rail

yah thats funny, "I can say what I want', but everyone else is full of crap', my you're a smart one Liberty lol.

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Obama to call for $53B to invest in high-speed rail

his mother was from kansas and he spent a good portion of his childhood here with his maternal grandmother raising him, imagine that.

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Associate research director at NASA discusses satellites documenting climate change at Dole Institute of Politics

You're right none of it's real, let's dig up all the land we possibly can looking for oil instead of investing in any kind of new more renewable ecologically sound energy, who cares.

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Tuesday's snowfall was most in single day since 1980; people staying home helped streets get cleared faster

So youre complaining because LJWorld arent magic perfect predictors? Get a life.

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Incentives, new technology prompt Lawrence homeowner to install solar panels

An essay on made-up Obama theories posted on a solar panel article....? Can you say conspiracy theory lunatic?

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Police searching for car after hit-and-run accident on Massachusetts Street

silver or white recent model Toyota Camry... good luck not getting caught, but I bet you do.

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New policy on gays could devastate military

Newsflash - Cal Thomas cares so much about this story because he is gay and doesn't want to admit it.

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Why Pay for Newspaper Lies?

haha! if that's not the kettle calling the pot black.... a gutless 'anonymous' blog writer doing the very thing he's criticizing. I've never read a more hypocritical worthless article in my life. The fox propaganda network does far more 'free advertising' than MSNBC get real man. At least the pundits on Fox and MSNBC have the guts to reveal their names.

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