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Ryun preparing to run again

Poor Jim Ryun doesn't seem to realize that it was the perfect combination of being in one of the most Republican of states during the peak of the Republican Party's popularity that enabled him to be a five-term congressman in the first place.

He has no legislative accomplishments to speak of, his two *issues* of demonizing immigrants and pushing (right-wing Christian) family values don't resonate with a majority of the voters and he's a crappy campaigner. If the R's nominate him again they'll get exactly what they deserve.

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Simons: Lawrence leaders need to restore city's positive momentum

So let me see if I understand...the overweening paternalism that's reflected in the above is what made Lawrence great in the first place. But then the decision-making was brokered out among neighborhood types and regular citizens instead of being the exclusive preserve of Chamber of Commerce bigwigs and their lackeys in the KU Administration (ably abetted by their propaganda arm, The World Co).

But now that Lawrence is all grown up and mature, the only way to move forward is to return to the days when Lawrence was run as a 'company town' by and for the benefit of a small group of rich, powerful men. Dang! Where do I sign up? Thanks for showing the wayward children of Lawrence the error of their ways, DaddyDolph. I have seen the light and now trust the benevolent fatcats to set things right for the rest of us.

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Plan to take oath on Quran criticized

Though this issue seems to have run its course and this has been more-or-less posted already---but to ask it as directly as possible---to those that 'oppose' (in contrast with 'object to') this: What, *specifically*, do you think should be done? Force him to take an oath on a book he doesn't believe in? Force him to convert? Repeal the 1st amendment? What???

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