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County GOP under new leaders

I'd settle for the Santa Cruz version:

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100 years ago: City expands 'clean-up' ordinance

The assault on personal liberty and freedom by a tyrannical government as described in the first story should be a lesson for us all. If one wishes to see the origins of Big Brother government one need look no further. Once you stop a man from throwing cans, boxes and ash-heaps into the street, the road to Obamacare was paved.

And then, worse, the second item, with its approving comments about "gay geraniums" . The Gay Agenda made sure it started innocently enough with flowers, but now it's everywhere! Slippery slopes, people!

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Look! Up in the sky! It's Supermoon! Due Saturday

"But no matter how far away a full moon is, it's not going to make people kill themselves or others, commit other crimes, get admitted to a psychiatric hospital or do anything else that popular belief suggests, a psychologist says."

Well, no, none of that stuff...just the earthquake that will cause California to fall into the ocean. And werewolves. Lots and lots of werewolves. Enjoy!

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Paul in third-party run would hurt GOP

I love George Will: "...Obama is weaker in 2012 than he was when winning just 53 percent of the vote in 2008." Yes, "just 53% of the vote", a higher percentage than Kennedy, Nixon '68, Carter, Reagan '80, or either Clinton or Bush 43's received in their victories. But then the right has been trying to de-legitimize the president since the day after the election. Memo to GW, forget about Paul-as-3rd-party speculation for the time being. In the now, the thing that will guarantee the President's re-election (and with a larger margin that last time) is to nominate Newt..

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100 years ago: Child labor law proposed in Topeka

Prohibit child labor? Can you imagine the screeds that came from Fox Radio in 1911 denouncing the socialist, anti-business Kansas legislature? I'm sure glad Kansas learned from its mistake...

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Vote for McCain

Aye...let's see: the financial meltdown can be directly traced to the fact that over the last 10-15 years (yes, it began under Clinton) the capitalist system that had been in place for the previous 50 years (or longer) was swept away in a gluttonous binge of completely unregulated capitalism. Obama wants to return things to the way the US system was when it worked.Vaguely related point #2---George W. Bush, y'know the anti-socialist president whom the LJW loves so much, has just partially nationalized the banks and in 2003 he and the Republican controlled congress passed the largest increase in federal entitlements since the Great Society---but yeah, fear the evil socialist Obama. unrelated point #3: no mention of Palin? Since McCain will provide such a sure, steady decision-making hand at the helm, why not support that assertion by brining up the brilliant Palin selection?

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Safe sidewalks

Lawrence has one of the sorriest ethics for snow removal of anywhere I've eve been. Yes, it does often melt in a couple days, but much of the time it does not, no-one seems to care. Businesses who hire plows then block sidewalks and curb cuts with enormous mounds of packed ice that take weeks to melt, even under ideal conditions. Then you have places like the hill on 9th St. where the only sidewalk is on the south side of the street and the very high wall prevents any sun from reaching it in winter...many, many weeks before that snow ever goes away naturally.

Yeah, Lawrence needs a real ordinance with real teeth that's really enforced. I honestly can't figure out why a city that prides itself on its neighborliness and friendliness, quality-of-life, etc. can collectively, with lots and lots of individual offenders, be so inconsiderate, beyond inconsiderate, tolerant of allowing really dangerous situations like the aftermath of a snowfall winter after winter.

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Can we separate the historical Jesus from the Jesus of the Bible?

TomPaine, the word you're looking for to describe yourself is "fundamentalist"---which is why you enjoy the faith forum so much---as I said before, the two-sides-of-the-same-coin fundies ARE the only ones who *enjoy* this place---neither is interested in discussion---just trumpeting their particular brand of Truth-with-a-capital-T. You really do deserve one another.

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Can we separate the historical Jesus from the Jesus of the Bible?

Why is it that the religious fundies and the secular fundies feel they have to dominate and shout down every discussion regarding faith issues? Can't you people get a room and leave contentious, yet grown-up, conversation to those that might actually like to converse about these topics?

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Self, Wright to hold 4 p.m. press conference: Coverage live on Channel 6

It's really, truly mindboggling that anyone would offer Pollard/Vaughan/Simien/Thomas/Raef vs. Pierce/Collison/Gooden/Hinrich as a demonstration of anything except how remarkably well the amount of talent NBA scouts thought they when they were drafted matched up with their relative amounts of success.

Except for Raef, who may or may not have panned out, but whose career was in any case hampered by a serious knee injury 12 games into an NBA career, we're talking about guys who were drafted in the top 12 (ie the lottery) versus Pollard at 19, Jacque and Simien barely in the first round and Thomas a UFA. (he wonder is that Vaughn is in the league at all after this many years, not that he's been primarily a bench player.)

And yes, Julian Wright has lottery-level talent and will be drafted there despite the fact that he can't shoot very well and probably never will. So no, it's not much of a choice.

The one tiny point the "stay in school" types have in their favor is that this years draft is loaded. And the financial difference between being a top five pick next year and a top 12 this one is substantial, just not as substantial as the difference between a top 12 pick this year and blowing out his knee against Iowa St next February.

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