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State to resume charging 65- to 74-year-olds for hunting, fishing licenses

Sorry, that's $1.275 million, not $1.5 million. I had a "senior" moment!

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State to resume charging 65- to 74-year-olds for hunting, fishing licenses

Yes, I am an elected member of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature, and, yes, we voted to have this exemption continued but we obviously were not successful in our efforts. This exemption was granted in 1971 for all the reasons that have already been mentioned. It is interesting to note that in 1982 when the Regular Legislature voted into existence the Silver Haired Legislature, one of the reasons given was to have a Legislative body especially created to look after the rights of senior citizens so that they would not lose the rights that they had been granted, such as exemption for hunting and fishing licenses!
The Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism used those same statistics at the time we asked for justification and their figures still don't add up correctly! If every senior, 30,000, paid the combination fee of $20.50 it would raise only $615,000, not $900,000! If every senior paid the Lifetime amount of $42.50, which isn't going to happen, it would raise $1.75 million, not $1.5 million.
The Federal Government has stated that they would count the State issued hunting and fishing licenses for seniors, even if they were given away, as long as the State properly accounted for the number.
On behalf of Kansas Seniors, our concern is not that we have to pay $20.50 per year, it's the manner in which our concerns were ignored. If you are a Kansas Senior Citizen, 60 years of age or older, or even soon to be a senior, and you have concerns that we should consider, contact your local representative or call the Department on Aging and ask for our answering machine. We are all unpaid volunteer representatives donating our time and efforts towards senior issues.

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