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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

I may have missed this in the article. Does anyone have the link to the Kansas Exchange website?

I know some folks without health insurance who do not have home internet access. I wonder if there Is a number that they can call to get a mailer that has the Kansas plans and enrollment information? I bet the health department isn't mailing anything out.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

Sounds like it is a personal blog and he wasn't representing the University. He is also a citizen and has the right to exercise freedom of speech and I certainly don't see the need to censor his personal opinion because of where he works. I don't believe he should be terminated or demoted for voicing his opinion in his personal blog.

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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

Looks like if they want to bring it in line with the state, they need to reduce it. The fact is, nobody knows the cost until they go to pay it. An excessive charge is not a deterrent.

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Farmers and ranchers asked to embrace drone technology

Not as concerned about government use as by private companies and criminals. These essentially trespass, violate privacy and land ownership rights.

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Menards plan gets first-round OK from county

Do they really have to build right on top of Home Depot? Seems like a little bit of distance would be good for the stores and consumers. Maybe they could put it out by the Tractor Supply Store.

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Legends Outlets shopping area in Kansas City on auction block

There are STAR bonds involved in the financing for the Legends too, which diverts sales tax revenues from the state general fund to pay off the shopping area. Puts Kansans at risk for a development that tanks. They are banking on future sales taxes to pay off the development. The taxpayers are on the hook to fill the gaps in the state general fund as the sales taxes were diverted for a specific purpose. That STAR bond stuff needs to stop. There are property tax breaks involved also. The state is now trying to fill those gaps by adjusting the state income tax.

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Brownback seeking end of property tax deduction for homeowners

The rich benefit the most from itemizing because they have much higher amounts to deduct. The middle class will have lower itemized deductions, closer to the standard deduction. The big benefit to itemizing is realized by the wealthy though, which makes this proposed change a bit surprising.

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Officials say they hope Legislature does little harm to local government

A 733 million shortfall is a lot of lost jobs. Part of the tax breaks will have to shift to a tax burden from a different pocket.

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Retired public employees seeking cost of living adjustment

If you are a young person working for the state, get away from state employment as fast as you can. There is no future in it. There are not wage increases and you will retire in poverty.It will be even worse once switched over to a 401k plan. They won't fund it.

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Cost of $8 million per win makes KU football 'worst team for the money,' Forbes says

What's our cost per loss? Maybe they are really cheap compared to other schools.

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