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Free State counselor killed in vehicle-train accident near Riverfront Park north of Lawrence

This is so terrible. My daughter knew this person through the high school and she is completely thoughts and prayers go to the victim's family.

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What are you baking up for the holidays?

I'm the pie man in the family. I'll be making pecan pie and white Christmas pie. I'll also be doing a batch or two of cocoa cookies..which are a mixture of cocoa, milk, sugar and butter, brought to a slow boil and then coconut and oats mixed in and dropped on a tray to cool...addictive as crack.

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Hunters provide meat for Kansas food pantries

Great story. I myself am not a hunter...too chicken with guns..but I know several folks who hunt who have been doing this for years...donating part of their hunt to the local food kitchens. I agree that it is a win/win on a lot of fronts. Great to see some organization behind it.

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Five years in the making: KU leaders celebrate submission of application for designation as a National Cancer Institute

I have a sibling who has had two bouts with cancer and has received excellent care from KU med in overcoming it both times. I am very thankful to the KU Med folks and I hope their submission to NCI is received in a positive light.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Huerter's for almost 10 years and she has been a fantastic
primary care physician. I have had several longtime, serious health issues in the past 5
years and Dr. Huerter has been wonderful in working with me to diagnose the problem an
advocate for me an acceptable course of treatment. These issues will be with me for the rest
of my life but with the help of Dr. Huerter I feel very confident that I have a handle on how to
deal with any symptoms and how to follow a course of treatment that allows me to live a normal
active life. I would highly recommend Dr. Huerter.

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Borders store in downtown Lawrence to close by end of April as part of bankruptcy; 27 to lose jobs

I love the Dusty Bookshelf..whenever my wife and I are downtown, we always end up spending at least 1/2 hour perusing in there. I'm sad for Border's closing since my girls went to a lot of events there when they were growing up, but their business model wasn't able to adapt. I hope something viable is placed in there would be a shame to have that space sit empty for a long time. I also hope the displaced employees are able to find work..this is a tough time to be out of a job.

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Town Talk: Famous Dave's makes it official; new location for other BBQ restaurant; city boundaries actually shrink in 2010; the case of the one-finger salute at City Hall

That is excellent news about Gran-Daddy's. I hope they can have a long run there. I was afraid they were gone for good.

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Knology ‘rightsizing’ in Lawrence

And it starts...

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No more tears: Lions spoil Firebirds’ Senior Night

Hey hth, at least the LJWorld didn't report on the LHS students taunting the Free State girl who got injured at the match at an LHS grad, that was not a proud moment for me.

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AD successor with Midwestern ties likely

I've heard good things about Missy Conboy from Notre Dame. She has her law degree from KU, so she is familiar with the school, plus she apparently is very in touch with how the landscape is setup for television contracts, especially given Notre Dame's unique TV status. She also worked for the NCAA in enforcement and rules. Sounds like a potentially interesting choice.

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