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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

I guess I don't know development very well. I would think a grocery store east of town would do pretty well..would capture the east Lawrence and part of north Lawrence folks and also Eudora, depending on where it is developed. I would also think it would do a lot of business from the commuter traffic between Lawrence and Johnson County. Oh I said, smarter people then me are making these decisions..that's why I'm just silly.

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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

What a great story! Leo lived in Lawrence before my time here, so I never had the privilege of meeting him. In my neighborhood, we had a gentlemen who had lost a leg and part of one arm during WWII who would go around the houses regularly selling small kitchen notions out of an old cigarette case that he would strap around his neck. I never knew his full name but we called him "Mr. Jim" and he was a fantastic guy. He always had a sack of penny candy that he would give to the kids he would see as he did his rounds. Always asked us how we were doing and told us to study hard. Between him and the kindly mailman who would make the rounds, they were the first non family adults who I got to know. I do remember he stopped coming around and when I asked my mom, she gently told me he had passed away. Wow, it's amazing how memories sometimes come flooding back.

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Rainy weather could signal easing of drought conditions

I was wondering the same thing..our rain gauge showed just a hair over an inch.

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Vehicle rolls over near 10th and Mississippi streets

Well, that explains that..I was doing some computer upgrade work for a business near 9th and Mississippi and I heard all the commotion. Glad to hear the driver will be OK.

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Conservatives preparing constitutional amendment to thwart school finance ruling

What irritates me about this is that some of the most vocal opponents to school funding had no problems with the system when their kids were in the Lawrence schools and taking advantage of all of the programs offered. We can be like California that has no art and music classes if that is what they want. When I bring that up, they don't say much.

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The greatest: Staff picks for KU’s all-time bests

Wow, no love for Al Oerter. 4 time Olympic champion. Would have been nice to at least see him mentioned, especially if Ryan is included.

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State, university leaders hail KU's designation from National Cancer Institute

This made me very emotional also. I have a brother who has had 2 bouts of cancer and received fantastic care and treatment from the KU hospital cancer center. This is well deserved and will create a path for local cancer victim to receive the treatments that will make a difference. Congratulations to all who put forth this great effort to reach this level.

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Kansas urging caution with fireworks amid drought

We had our celebration with family on private property out of town yesterday and because of the draught we limited our fireworks to very basic, low level items that would be easier to control. Even then, we still had to be very diligent as several very small brush fires started by accident. Please, be careful and exercise some restraint this is so, so dry.

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Police officers surround an older Chevrolet Suburban in the parking lot of the Walmart store near Si

Woah..I live in that area and was driving down 6th toward the K-10 interchange when I saw all the police and the ambulance. I assumed somebody had gotten ill..didn't expect anything like this. Hope the kids are OK..very odd.

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How far back do you know your family's history?

Recently found out that one of my great, great, great....great grandfather's served with Wellington at Waterloo..thought that was pretty cool.

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