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Part-time driver hired for KU's chancellor

“We’re not paying (the chancellor) to circle the block 20 times looking for a parking spot." Isn't she like 80? She should have a handicap placard.

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KPERS report sparks war of words

“Scaring 80-year-old retired teachers is not good policy” - State Treasurer Dennis McKinney

Only a true imbecile would think 80-year-olds should be scared by this. They're *SET.* The 80-year-old has *ALREADY* received much more than they initially paid in!

Of those who possess two functional brain cells to rub together to cause a spark to know enough to be concerned, it's the YOUNG workers who will receive nothing later from what they're currently paying in.

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Dog stolen from Lawrence Humane Society

I was told by an employee of the Lawrence Humane Society that Midge has been destroying any and all Pitbulls and Pitbull-mixes brought in, that she won't allow adoptions of any of them simply because she's afraid of any possible future lawsuits, based on the breed. If this is true, it could well be an employee bonded with Oxford and wanted to do anything they could to prevent him from unnecessarily being killed and dumped atop the pile of other carcasses awaiting incineration. Rather than a theft, this may well have been a humane act of kindness to spare his life.

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State suspends paying income tax refunds, may miss payroll as budget tightens

Seriously, Kathleen?

You "don't know where to look," for more money?

NEARLY 5 YEARS AGO, I personally contacted
The Kansas Department of Revenue,
The Kansas Attorney General,
The Kansas Governor,
Our State Representatives,
Our Congressman,
Each and every TV & newspaper outlet
in Lawrence, Kansas City & Topeka,
to tell EVERYONE what my father is (STILL) doing!

(fraudulently claiming a non-existent business that does not exist to get Sales Tax Exempt status on all goods & services - I discovered on my own the KS Dept of Revenue has ZERO - absolutely NO - Point-of-Sale data collection tracking software, hardware, no employees assigned to any unit - and no plans to incorporate one!

Sales Tax Exemptions are STILL 100% totally old-timey,
pioneer days, "Honor System," good ol' boy, self-reporting!)

But apparently, either nobody CARED....

or it was "too difficult" for anyone to UNDERSTAND...

I told everyone if my father is doing it,
there's likely 100,000 OTHERS doing it, TOO!

I provided MORE THAN 50 dated merchant RECEIPTS,
as evidence!

How very CONVENIENT, for the State of KS Dept of Revenue to just simply sit back on their haunches doing NOTHING at ALL, making everyone's EMPLOYERS responsible for STEALING from everyone's paychecks!

I guess it's time to open up that fake "Mac's Garage."

Let's roll.

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